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Paul Ryan plays identity politics to help Democrat voter registration

Conservative Review

Yesterday, Speaker Paul Ryan delivered a speech that embodied everything Republican voters hate about the Republican Party.  If you were sleeping under a rock for the past two years and want to know why the GOP’s own voters hate the party leadership, just read Ryan’s sanctimonious screed.

Among the many pearls of wisdom, Paul Ryan offered this impertinent projection: “We should not follow the Democrats and play identity politics.”

Can I hear an amen? For how long have we been telling Republicans to run on the veracity of conservative principles and stop playing identity politics?

Unfortunately, Ryan didn’t mean it in that way.  He was criticizing those who are concerned about mass migration from the Middle East and our general immigration problem.  Yet, instead of defending the sovereignty of all Americans, Ryan is hearkening back to his earlier comments distorting the Constitution and the right to immigrate – all in an effort to worship the pagan gods of political correctness and allow identity politics to trump common sense.

On the same day, Ryan met with the congressional black caucus and voiced support for a terrible policy—the resurrection of section four of the Voting Rights Act.  In 2013, in a rare demonstration of sanity from the Supreme Court (Shelby County v. Holder), they struck down section four of the VRA as blatantly unconstitutional.  The old 1965 law required all southern states to get preclearance from the Justice Department on all of their election practices.  This made sense back when southern states were not following the Constitution and disenfranchised black voters.  Now that these states have come clean for decades, the court ruled that the DOJ formula for preclearance could no longer be used. 

Whereas back in the ‘60s the concern was that elected officials would disenfranchise black voters, now the concern is that the VRA is being used by the racist Justice Department to disenfranchise all citizens—black and white—by invalidating voter ID laws designed to screen out non-citizen voters.  The VRA violates state sovereignty without any legitimate reason to do so.  Sounds like common sense, right?

Well, the race-panderers within the party, of which there are many, could not let that stand.  They are committed to helping Democrats defeat them with fraudulent voters in order to ingratiate themselves with faux civil rights groups and feel good about themselves.  Yesterday, Paul Ryan told the Congressional Black Caucus in a private meeting that he supports the Sensenbrenner Bill (H.R. 3899), which will restore the DOJ’s heavy hand over the southern states.  This bill also strips white voters of the protections under the VRA.  It’s as if the seven years of Obama’s Justice Department had no effect on Ryan.

At the time this bill was crafted, Ted Cruz spoke out strongly against it.  Last week, when asked about the VRA restoration bill, Rubio said he was unfamiliar with it.

Folks, if we don’t know what we’re up against how can we fight back?

And as it relates to Ryan, who is the one engaging in identity politics?

On the same day, Paul Ryan went on Greta Van Susteren and continued to promote criminal justice “reform” jail break legislation and touted it as common ground with Obama.

When coupled with Ryan’s views on immigration, it’s quite clear that identity politics is precisely what colors his worldview, even when it defies common sense.  Worse, taken as a whole, destroying voter integrity laws, releasing violent felons from prison (next step is the granting of voting rights), and open borders all work towards creating a permanent Democrat electoral majority.

But fear not, Ryan has all sorts of serious, mature conservative policy initiatives he wants to initiate… after he walks the ball of electoral majorities into the end zone for the Democrats.

Just remember, the systemic problems we have with the Republican Party, especially with Ryan as speaker, will not dissipate on their own simply by electing just any Republican.  And if our nominee is not someone who will stand up against identity politics with intrepid moral clarity, well, the Democrats already know how to pick our lock.

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