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Republicans embrace socialism in climate change message

Conservative Review

What a crock.

In an article titled, “GOP hoping voters open to warnings of Democrats’ socialism,” the Associated Press looks at Sen. Cory Gardner, R-Colo., who has been telling town hall participants that socialism is afoot and that he wants everyone to join him in the fight against it.

The article is slanted, as most AP articles are. Its writer tried to make the point, by interviewing random people, that Republicans are stoking fear when the issue really doesn’t faze most people. The article ends with a wry warning to Republicans that crying wolf over Democrats’ socialist views might actually hurt them in 2020.

First of all, many current Democrats including Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez call themselves democratic socialists. The fact that Republicans are not just calling them socialists out of nowhere seems to be lost on the AP. Somehow, Republicans are going to lose by calling the Democrats what they call themselves.

It would be a fine thing indeed if enough elected Republicans could actually recognize socialism and, through policy, turn it on its ear. But unfortunately, being against “socialism” is now just another buzzword that polls well and so will be integrated into each and every Republican speech, but will not necessarily result in less socialism.

Interestingly, the article focuses on Gardner, who decries Medicare for All and the Green New Deal. It even included a quote from Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell: “I think we’re running to be the firewall that saves the country from socialism.”

But Cory Gardner is listed as one of the Republican senators who say climate change is man-made and are meeting in small groups looking to create a path for Republicans on the issue of climate change.

Beware the groups of Senate Republicans like Mitt Romney R-Utah, Lisa Murkowski, R-Alaska, Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., Susan Collins, R-Maine, Thom Tillis, R-N.C., John Cornyn, R-Texas and Bill Cassidy, R-Louisiana, because they are working on socialism one way or the other to appease the Left.

In an article at the Hill, Mitt Romney is key to helping the GOP “look for new path on climate change.”

Romney told E&E News after he was elected to the Senate in November that he saw climate change as a “critical area.” In 2017, he praised as “thought provoking” a plan endorsed by 27 Nobel laureates to place a fee on carbon to reduce greenhouse emissions.

Gee, I’m sure the temperature will go down once we give all our money to the government.

The Green New Deal is a strike at capitalism as we know it, and these Republicans are capitulating to the worst possible con job the would-be global rulers have put forth.

In a recent article in the Guardian titled, “Ending climate change requires the end of capitalism. Have we got the stomach for it?” the author admits that the ultimate goal of radical environmentalists “to save the earth” is to give everything to government.

Policy tweaks such as a carbon tax won’t do it. We need to fundamentally re-evaluate our relationship to ownership, work and capital. The impact of a dramatic reconfiguration of the industrial economy require similarly large changes to the welfare state. Basic incomes, large-scale public works programmes, everything has to be on the table to ensure that the oncoming system shocks do not leave vast swathes of the global population starving and destitute.

This article claims capitalism, which is formed by “Anglo-Saxons,” might not be able to take on climate change, no, instead the Chinese-type of capitalism, which is basically fascism, might do the trick.

Prominent Republicans seem to be more interested in “doing something” about climate change, which is still an unproven theory, and feel they must use the power of government to answer unproven theory.

Take Lindsey Graham’s comment in The Hill:

“What I want to do is show that I’m a Republican who believes the greenhouse gas-effect is real, that climate change is being affected by manmade behavior and try to find technological solutions,” Graham said.

“Romney had the best line of anybody: ‘We better hope it’s man-made, because if it’s not we’re in trouble,’” Graham said. “That would be my approach, for the party to acknowledge that climate change is a problem.”

But why? Does anyone have the courage to stand up and say that man cannot change the climate? Apparently not, as so many Republicans just accept the Left’s theory as fact and wish to “do something” rather than argue with incoherent radical environmentalists.

I fear we will lose more seats in the Senate because there are too many lifelong politicians there who believe their job is to transfer money from the private sector to the government in order to cool off the earth. Is there anything so ridiculous as that?

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