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While Rome burns, McConnell focuses on pork: Bourbon, horses, hemp, and carp

Conservative Review

“Why won’t Republicans take action on this issue?”

That is the common refrain from loyal GOP voters as they watch the Left successfully destroy this country with one civilization-killing policy after another that goes completely unanswered by Republicans.

We have a massive immigration crisis in this country that is also becoming a crisis for our system of government, in addition to a security and cultural problem. The number of sanctuary cities has doubled since Trump took office, and they are unleashing a massive crime wave of gangs, drugs, child molestations, and drunk driving that would be 100 percent avoidable if our laws were followed.

There is no issue that has graver consequences to our security and society, reflects the breakdown of our system of government, or is easier to articulate to the American people than the issue of sanctuary cities. Yet Republicans refuse to deal with this or any similar issue in the budget bill. What is the leader of the GOP majority in the Senate focused on in the upcoming budget bill? Bourbon and horse interests in his state.

Amid a crisis of sanctuary cities, a lack of ICE funding, and judicial supremacism that is threatening to undo our sovereignty, what sort of policy riders is McConnell willing to fight for? Roll Call reports that McConnell’s Christmas wish list includes “renewal of tax breaks for the thoroughbred horse racing industry and bourbon distillers; aid for retired coal miners in danger of losing pension and health care benefits; and appropriations to stem the tide of invasive Asian carp infesting Kentucky waters and bolster the hemp industry, among many other line items in fiscal 2020 spending bills.”

Yesterday, House Democrats passed a continuing resolution to keep government funded until the week before Christmas. Senate Republicans are expected to dutifully comply with Pelosi and then pass a massive omnibus that funds every liberal project under the sun – but not ICE deportations and the border wall – while declining to cut off funding for sanctuary cities.

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