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Roy Moore surges to 9-point lead vs. RNC establishment in Alabama

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July 4 has come early for lovers of natural law and inalienable rights in Alabama.

Despite the establishment pouring large sums of cash into the special election to fill the Senate seat of Jeff Sessions, McConnell ally, Luther Strange, is lagging behind Roy Moore by nine points. Worse, Rep. Mo Brooks is now threatening to overtake Strange, raising the prospect of the establishment being completely locked out of the runoff in September.

With conservatives reeling from the political betrayal of the GOP on Obamacare, they might not have to wait until 2018 for revenge. Aug. 15 is the first round of the primary in the Alabama special election, and former Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore has opened up a commanding lead, despite being seriously outspent by his opponents.

According to Politico’s Daniel Strauss, an internal campaign poll from Mo Brooks shows Moore in the lead with 31 percent, with strange holding steady at 23 percent and Brooks just on his heels at 21 percent. (Politico Pro is subscription only, but part of the report can be viewed at Alabama Today.)

Aside from showing Roy Moore with a commanding lead, this poll shows that Luther Strange is in danger of losing his spot in the Sept. 26 runoff if Brooks inches past him in the first round. Such a result would be a spectacular outcome for conservatives, given that both Moore and Brooks are loved by the GOP base.

The latest polling also shows that the big-dollar ads placed by the Strange campaign have not helped his standing. In May, Strange bought air time for 100-second spots with deceptive captions and fake headlines.

Clearly, the voters have not forgotten his dubious relationship with disgraced former Governor Robert Bentley. It is also possible that his strong support from the GOP establishment — the same establishment that has now made peace with Obamacare — is hurting, not helping, Strange.

McConnell and his allies haven’t learned that money doesn’t always buy you love from the voters. According to Politico, McConnell has become so concerned about this race that he and Strange personally lobbied White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus to beg the RNC to coordinate expenditures with the NRSC in Alabama:

The lack of commitment caused so much consternation that McConnell and Strange brought the matter directly to the White House, asking for the administration to approve of the funding. Strange has talked directly to Trump about it, according to two sources briefed on the matter. McConnell personally lobbied chief of staff Reince Priebus, a former RNC chief of staff who remains plugged into the committee’s operations.


Late last week, the RNC finally acceded to their demands. This comes on the heels of the NRSC reportedly blackballing any campaign vendor who works for an opponent of Luther Strange. The establishment is in full panic mode.

This week, we celebrate the self-evident truth of God-given rights and how our government was founded upon those Godly principles. Yet, even so many conservatives seem desensitized by the courts remaking marriage and human sexuality before our very eyes. We even have become desensitized to the infringement upon the rights of property and conscience.

Judge Moore is one man who will never move from the self-evident truths that have become so fungible for many Republicans. In just five weeks from now, conservatives might actually celebrate the election of a Republican who actually still believes in what we celebrate on July 4.

Editor's note: The author has formally endorsed Moore in the race.

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