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Roy rage: GOP congressman tears into Democrats, storms out of House hearing

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Freshman Rep. Chip Roy, R-Texas, delivered a devastating condemnation of House Democrats Thursday, excoriating Congress for wasting time on a "fishing expedition" into White House communications while the national debt explodes and the border crisis remains unsolved.

"What are we trying to find?" an incredulous Roy asked at a House Government Oversight and Reform Committee hearing after Democrats voted to subpoena White House officials for access to their private emails.

As Politico reports, the Democrats argue that senior White House aides including Ivanka Trump may have violated the Presidential Records Act by conducting official government business on private email servers. But as Roy pointed out, Ivanka Trump has already acknowledged this and is working with the committee to provide it with the requested emails. There should be no need for a subpoena.

“Why are we doing this? Because they’re working with us to comply with the law to turn over the information to follow what the chairman was just saying,” Roy said. “In the meantime, while we are doing this, while we are sitting here, as I’ve pointed out before, for the hour we’re going to be debating this, another $100 million of debt has been racked up. Another how many thousands of people have poured across our border? How much more control have we yielded to cartels who truly control and run our border? That’s what we’re dealing about.”

“We’re not doing anything to stop and deal with the problems that we've got, with cartels managing the border,” Roy continued. “We’re sitting here in a fishing expedition for emails, alleging that we’re trying to do that in compliance with the law that’s being complied with!”

“In what universe is this what we’re supposed to be doing for the United States of America, for the people in this country, who are watching their country racking up mountains of debt — $320 billion over existing spending levels, which would still give us a trillion-dollar deficit? Well done, Congress. Well done,” he said.

But he wasn't finished. Roy slammed the Democrats for launching this "fishing expedition" for "political purposes" following special counsel Robert Mueller's testimony to Congress, "where we got nothing other than dawdling responses about an incompetent effort," Roy noted.

“Here we sit, mounting up debt for our children and grandchildren. My nine-year-old son is in this room. We all have families. What are we passing down to them? $100 million of debt per hour? It’s extraordinary,” Roy said. “Wide-open borders destroying communities, endangering the lives of Americans in south Texas, while I get smirks from my Democratic colleagues, while there are people right now facing attacks from cartels, dealing with it on a daily basis. And we get smirks, and we get requests for emails from people in the White House."

“This is the face of the Democratic Party. This is the face of your Congress today, America," Roy concluded. And with that he left the room.

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