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Senator Mike Lee: Don't vote for members of Congress who vote for the omnibus

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Senator Mike Lee is fed up with the D.C. swamp, and he's calling on voters to take a stand.

Lee, R-Utah, is vociferously objecting to the latest $1.3 trillion spending monstrosity to emerge from the secret, closed-door meetings of congressional leadership. The bill is over 2,000 pages long and was made public to members of Congress just two days before they are being asked to vote for it to avert a government shutdown.

In a Facebook post, Sen. Lee declared his opposition to the bill, calling it "a disaster on every level." He informed voters that conservatives do not expect to have an opportunity to offer amendments to improve the bill.

"I will be voting against the bill, and I will continue to fight to encourage my colleagues to join me in choosing a better path. But I can't do it alone," Lee said.

Lee linked to a pledge on his campaign website stating his promise not to vote for any bill that is "written in secret," "hidden until the last minute of an artificial deadline," and "introduced without any ability for other members to improve it with amendments."

"Until the most members of Congress make this same commitment, I am regretfully confident that this process and its disastrous outcomes will continue," Lee's pledge states. He then urges voters to take action by signing a pledge not to "vote for a member of Congress willing to vote for bills" like this omnibus.

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