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Smug elites USE hurricane victims to push phony climate religion

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No one is better at making a public mockery of himself than CNN’s Jim Acosta (save for maybe a circus clown, but Jim Acosta probably gets paid more.)

When the CNN senior White House correspondent is not posting Kendall Jenner-style selfies on his Instagram, he is behaving like a unruly heckler who needs to be maced at the White House press briefings. Monday was no exception.

At the briefing, Acosta seized upon the horrible destruction caused by Hurricanes Harvey and Irma to push the dangerously unproven and arbitrary climate change narrative. He asked Tom Bossert, the White House Homeland Security adviser: “Does the thought occur to you, ‘Geez, you know, maybe there is something to this climate change thing and its connection to powerful hurricanes’? Or do you just separate the two and say, ‘Boy, these are a lot of big hurricanes coming our way?”

Bossert calmly responded, “neither.”  

To put this silly question into context: millions are without power, at least 30 people are dead in the U.S., parts of the South are completely decimated, and there’s untold amounts of economic damage. But classless Jim Acosta thinks: Hey! This is a good time to make a political point!

Like many liberals, he probably can’t help himself, since he certainly wasn’t the only one to do this.


Hallie Jackson from MSNBC asked a similar question at the briefing. She asked press secretary Sarah Sanders to “clarify whether the President believes human activity contributes to climate change.”

Sanders curtly responded, “The president has addressed this already.”

I always forget that you can just come into the briefing and ask something totally unrelated that they've answered a million times.

For these reporters, it’s not about asking a question that provides unique and valuable insight into this administration; it’s about grandstanding to make a political point. The Left thrives on taking human tragedy and suffering and turning those things to win political points and votes. (Sadly, we all know it hasn’t been working too well for them recently.)

It goes even further — it’s also a religious issue for them, with climate change as their god. The green gospel begins in Washington and is carried all the way down through the political and media elites and into Hollywood.

Actress Jennifer Lawrence, who is apparently qualified to offer her expertise on the subject because she took science in high school, said, “It’s been proven through science that climate change is due to human activity… I mean, you’re watching these hurricanes now and it’s really hard … not to feel Mother Nature’s rage.”

But that’s factually inaccurate, “Doctor” Lawrence. It has not been proven to be due to human activity, because we don’t have enough data to declare that.

These people twist and manufacture facts to evangelize their climate religion. And because of a Medieval mentality, they will not tolerate free thought. If you question any articles of their global warming faith, they’ll throw you in jail!

Bill Nye the Fake Science Guy said it might be appropriate to jail skeptics as war criminals.

None of these people are scientists, including Bill Nye. What’s scientific about pointing at two hurricanes and shouting that it must be proof of destructive climate change? Nevertheless, that’s essentially what CNN's Jim Acosta did this week at the White House: He used an anecdote to make a broad scientific assertion.

He and others are political operatives advancing the climate change agenda — which just may be the greatest fake religion of all time.

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