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America needs the Trump 'who didn't need Washington'

Conservative Review

Obamacare repeal is President Trump’s moment to shine, says CRTV host Steve Deace.

In a Wednesday tweetstorm, Deace explained how President Trump now has an opportunity to prove to his detractors that he is the anti-establishment champion of the people voters thought he’d be in office. Special interests in Washington, D.C., have conspired to grind Obamacare repeal to a halt in the halls of Congress. 

“What is needed is a leader who can transcend the Swamp, or DC SOP. Someone with a bully pulpit to go directly to the American people,” Deace said.

“This is the leader millions of Americans hoped Trump was going to be,” Deace wrote. “Someone who didn’t need Washington.”

President Trump, Deace argues, is uniquely positioned to save the day on health care. If the president was serious about draining the swamp, if he was serious about repealing Obamacare, now is the time.

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