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Strangers in our own land: Illegal aliens rule the roost

Conservative Review


Hopefully you all took your blood pressure medicine today, in light of all the following:

  • A sheriff’s department in Oregon is investigating its own deputies for malfeasance. Their crime? Possibly working with ICE officials to help rid their community of criminal aliens.
  • As part of the resumption of the border surge, ICE agents confirmed that there are so many dads crossing over illegally with children from Central America that there is not enough space to detain them. They are being released! This has further incentivized more of them to come and fleece American communities.
  • In July, the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court declared the entire state a sanctuary state by barring law enforcement from cooperating with ICE detainers. In a growing trend divorced from our legal history, illegal aliens are getting standing to sue in court against enforcement of our sovereignty.
  • Guess what? The man who originally got standing and won that case, Sreynuon Lunn, was arrested for allegedly slapping a 65-year-old wheelchair-bound woman in the face and stealing $2,000 from her after she exited a bank.  
  • While the courts all over the country are blocking the federal government from clamping down on sanctuary cities, a district judge in Texas blocked the state from enforcing the law as well. Meanwhile, California can block immigration law with impunity, and private citizens aren’t granted standing to sue.
  • Now, the Mexican government is allowed to file an amicus brief on the appeal with the Fifth Circuit to advocate that we criminalize our sovereignty on their behalf. Lest you dismiss this anecdote, remember that courts in the past have cited concerns from Mexico as rationale for blocking Arizona’s enforcement laws.
  • A shocking new report from the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction (SIGAR) found that 152 Afghani soldiers brought to our shores for training have gone AWOL since 2005, accounting for 50 percent of all disappearances of foreign-born troops in similar programs. Meanwhile, sanctimonious immigration groups continue to pressure Congress to bring in more “Special Immigrant Visas” for Afghani military personnel when it is so hard to vet them and their families — and there is a heightened risk of “green on blue” attacks.
  • As we’ve chronicled over the past few weeks, the courts are systematically undoing immigration enforcement, granting rights to illegal aliens (including access to abortion and the actual right to immigrate), blocking deportations, and codifying Obama’s amnesty as the law of the land to the point that they are treating the Trump administration like criminals and demanding the release of private documents related to the termination of DACA.
  • On a daily basis, criminal aliens are engaging in rape, murder, and mayhem, yet there is a total blackout in the political class who only want to focus on the “virtuous” ones and their desires and needs, not the needs and safety of the American people. (Read here, here, here, here, and here.)   


The inmates are running the asylum. America has become a dumping ground and there is nothing we can do about it. This violates the core of the social compact expressed in the Declaration of Independence – that the society must consent to those who join it.  

Thus, borders, sovereignty, immigration law have been rendered lawless by the courts. Amnesty and sanctuary cities are the law of the land. States who want to enforce the law will be slapped down by the courts, but when the feds want to enforce immigration law, sanctuary states get standing to block it.

Criminal aliens get standing to sue for the right to remain here against our will and secure driver’s licenses, welfare, and birthright citizenship for their kids, but citizens and law enforcement don’t get standing to sue when their communities are destroyed from the lawlessness.

In a sane country, where the politicians represented the people on some level, there would be an emergency effort on all parts of government to clamp down on enforcement and block the courts from getting involved in immigration.

Rather than promoting a guest worker bill, Rep. Bob Goodlatte, the Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, would demand that leadership vote on the Davis-Oliver interior enforcement bill and fix of the asylum loophole.

As I’ve mentioned before, there’s an even greater urgency to erect a border wall because it solves much of the political problem with the courts and lack of detention facilities by preventing them from obtaining a foothold on our soil in the first place.

Yet, what are they focused on? Where is their sense of urgency? They are focusing on amnesty and on creating a new guest worker program. John Cornyn has announced the creation of a “working group” to work on an amnesty proposal, built off the entire premise that illegals come before Americans.

Also, the House Judiciary Committee is marking up a bill this week that would dramatically expand the low-skilled agriculture guest worker program. The bill calls for 450,000 guest workers a year (a new H-2C program), with a built-in cap increase of 10 percent every year. All current H-2As and H-2Bs are permanently exempt from the cap.

While it appears they have taken out the path to citizenship provisions, the bill still contains an amnesty provision for current illegal ag workers. There are three fundamental flaws with such a bill.

For one, we have record high low-skilled immigration. Let’s first cut that before we have a guest worker program. Two, our visa tracking system is a joke, thereby ensuring that these “temporary” workers are here permanently. (Only 1 percent of visa overstays are caught.) And three, before we fix unconditional birthright citizenship, all of these workers who have kids will be eligible for the panoply of welfare on their behalf and will remain here forever.

Keep in mind, the corporations want them here precisely so they can pay them slave wages. Why should Americans then have to pay for the public charge? I’d rather pay an extra 10 cents for a head of lettuce.     

You see, this week, the masters of the universe, all the major corporations and lobbyists are spending all their time promoting amnesty and guest workers, not even tax reform! Naturally, the politicians will respond to them but not the forgotten man of the immigration debate.

Therefore, rather than the whole of the American people controlling our destiny as a sovereign nation, it is in the hands of the ACLU, the American Bar Association, unelected judges, and corporate puppet-masters who control the politicians. Illegal aliens are the most powerful people in the country and we are treated like strangers in our own land.

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