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That’s not how a democracy works

Conservative Review

One of the reasons why so many immigrants have flocked to our country over the years is because they respect the stability of democracy and the rule of law.  Many of them have emigrated from countries that have no civil society or stable system of governance – countries where mob rule reigns supreme. 

America is still an attractive place to live. It is the land of opportunity and freedom, but that is changing, both to accommodate the influx of illegal immigrants, and to accommodate politically, those that agree with open borders.

Sadly, the influx of illegal immigrants, culminating with Obama’s nullification of our laws, is transforming our government into the very system from which most immigrants fled. 

Now, some of the illegal alien Astroturf lobbying groups are trying to interject this mob rule into our political process by intimidating members of Congress.  Hence, lawlessness begets lawlessness.

Groups of illegal aliens and their advocates have been known to disrupt congressional hearings and intimidate members in the corridors of Congress for quite some time. But yesterday was particularly bad. 

During a hearing of the House Judiciary subcommittee on immigration, a group of illegal aliens wearing Casa de Maryland T-shirts (the name of a criminal advocacy group, which is funded by taxpayers) stood up and shouted slogans and hateful rhetoric for a half hour.  The Capitol police were overwhelmed until Chairman Trey Gowdy (R-SC) was finally able to marshal enough manpower to escort them out of the committee room.

In addition, groups of illegal aliens and their advocates stormed as many as 30 congressional offices in groups of 10 and acted extremely belligerent, rude, and threatening to members and their staffs.  One conservative staffer told me that his office had to press the emergency button to call in capitol police.  The number of police officers who were diverted to deal with this disturbing behavior from people who, are in the country illegally, could have easily created a security breach. 

Here is another conservative staffer:

Early in the afternoon, a group of around 10 people associated with the organization “Alliance for Citizenship” came into our office. All but three of them did not seem to speak English and about a minute after they came into the office they began chanting a number of slogans as loudly as they could and screaming directly at members of our staff. Two of them began recording videos of the encounter. When we informed them that they could not record videos in our office and that we wanted them to leave, one of them responded that “the congressman deserved an ass whooping,” and another called him an “asshole”.

Folks, this is what a banana Republic looks like.  Perhaps, capitol police should have called in ICE agents and these malcontents could have been deported. Imagine what would happen to any of us if we tried to enter Mexico without a passport, and then storm government offices? We wouldn’t even get across the border.

These pro-criminal organizations are now emboldened to openly disrupt our democratic process because this rogue president has turned the rule of law upside down.  Border agents are now being sued for excessive force. They are being forced to seek out illegal border crossers and apprise them of Obama’s amnesty.

Meanwhile, Obama’s DHS has set up a special hotline for illegals to call and report any agent that follows our laws.  While our law enforcement agents are being misused and abused for a purpose antithetical to their lawful mission, illegals are given Social Security cards, work permits, refundable tax credits, and even transgender hormone treatment.  

At the same time, as illegal immigrants are allowed to walk the halls of Congress and intimidate members with impunity, the voice of the taxpayer is not being heard, as they are stuck with the $1.5 billion tab of this amnesty, which drains our education, health care, welfare, and criminal justice system now, annihilating it for our children and grandchildren.   

No words can describe the depravity of this situation; no analogies can fully capture the moral and intellectual dyslexia playing out without understating the problem. 

There is only one way to right this ship and restore sanity to our Republic.  Republicans need to hold the line and refuse to move off their constitutional funding bill for DHS – ever.  There is no compromising with this unlawful lunacy. 


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