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The Dossier: BuzzFeed doubles down on Trump-Russia Michael Cohen report

Conservative Review

BuzzFeed doubles down on Trump-Russia Michael Cohen report

BuzzFeed claims to have “re-confirmed” its report claiming that President Trump directed Michael Cohen to lie to Congress about a prospective building project in Moscow that never came to fruition.

After the article’s initial publication, Conservative Review raised questions about the truth of the evidence-free, anonymously sourced BuzzFeed story. Shortly thereafter, special counsel Robert Mueller’s office released a rare statement rebuking the BuzzFeed story.

Israel directly confronts Iranian encroachment

Yesterday, Israeli forces launched a series of strikes against Iranian positions in Syria, where the Tehran regime’s military forces continue to encroach on the Israel-Syria border region.

Israel has noticeably changed its messaging when it comes to taking military action in Syria. For many years, the IDF did not confirm or deny the hundreds of military strikes that were attributed to Israeli forces in Syria. But it is now openly taking credit for the attacks against Iranian assets.

“"The policy has changed," Intelligence Minister Israel Katz told an Israeli radio station Monday. "This is an open confrontation with Iran. When we need to step it up, we'll step it up." 

"We won't allow their entrenchment in Syria," he added in response to reports of a ballistic missile launch Sunday that targeted northern Israel. "Whoever attacks us will pay a heavy price."

ISIS suicide attack hits US-Kurd convoy in Syria

An Islamic State suicide attack targeted a joint U.S.-Kurdish convoy in northeast Syria Monday. Fortunately, no American service members were injured in the attack. Two Kurdish soldiers were wounded in the blast, according to local news reports. The latest bombing comes one week after an ISIS attack in Syria killed four Americans.

The ISIS territorial caliphate may indeed be destroyed, but the Sunni terrorist group continues to have the will and the resources to attack Americans stationed in Syria.

Massive Taliban attack on Afghan military base

The Taliban launched a major attack on an Afghan military base Monday, killing over 100 military personnel in its onslaught, according to reports.

The jihadi group continues to control and influence more and more territory in Afghanistan. 

Theresa May presents Brexit plan B to British parliament

British Prime Minister Theresa May has revealed her “plan B” for the United Kingdom’s exit from the European Union, as the Left in the UK keeps trying to terminate the results of 2016 Brexit referendum.

“With regard to the backstop, despite the changes we have previously agreed, there remain two core issues: the fear that we could be trapped in it permanently; and concerns over its potential impact on our Union if Northern Ireland is treated differently from the rest of the UK," May told members of Parliament in the House of Commons on Monday.

Vietnam remains likely destination for second Trump-Kim summit

U.S. officials have now told many media outlets on background that the next summit between President Trump and Kim Jong Un will take place next month in Vietnam.

“The late-February summit would probably take place in the capital Hanoi, but Danang — the site of the 2017 Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation meeting — and Ho Chi Minh City in the country’s south have also been considered,” Bloomberg reports. “The details came to light as nuclear envoys for the U.S., North Korea and South Korea held talks at a resort outside Stockholm.”

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