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The Dossier: Is there a classified DIA document that exonerates Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn?

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Khashoggi-obsessed Senate rebukes Saudi Crown Prince

Senator Bob Corker, R-Tenn. — who helped President Obama secure the Iran nuclear deal, and who is the terror financing state of Qatar’s #1 fan in Congress — continues his endless campaign against Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman (MBS). On Thursday, a Corker-introduced resolution condemning Saudi Arabia for the death of Jamal Khashoggi passed the Senate by voice vote.

As we have discussed at length over at Conservative Review, Jamal Khashoggi was an Islamist who sought to empower radical Islamic revolutions across the Middle East and prayed for the destruction of Israel at the hands of the terrorist group Hamas. Foreign leaders and ambitious U.S. politicians like Corker have reoriented the Islamist Khashoggi into innocent “journalist” Khashoggi to maximize their campaigns against President Trump and/or to advance their preferred foreign policy agenda.

The breathtaking short sightedness and ignorance of much of the Senate is truly something to behold. Crown Prince MBS is obviously not a Jeffersonian democrat, but he has proven himself as a force for both domestic and widespread reform in the Muslim world. He has also stood by the Trump administration as a reliable Middle East partner.

Turkey continues to lead the way in jailing journalists

Despite being the U.S. media’s go-to source for (extremely unreliable) Khashoggi information, Turkey, for the third year in a row, continues to be the world’s foremost jailer of journalists.

The Committee to Protect Journalists has released its 2018 report, which found that Turkey is currently jailing 68 known journalists. 

Is there a classified DIA document that exonerates Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn?

The Hill investigative reporter John Solomon appeared on Fox News last night with a bombshell revelation about the Michael Flynn case. He claimed that the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) is currently in possession of a document that “contains extraordinary exculpatory information about General Flynn.”

Solomon urged listeners to raise awareness about the information, which could help Gen. Flynn’s quest for freedom, after he was targeted for destruction by now-fired FBI officials James Comey, Andrew McCabe, Peter Strzok, and others.

China halts trade war in some industries

China has decided to reverse a planned tax on U.S. imported automobiles and corn products, Bloomberg reports.

President Trump took to Twitter to celebrate the news, claiming that China was forced to give the U.S. tariff relief because of their slowing economy.

“China wants to make a big and very comprehensive deal. It could happen, and rather soon!,” the president added.

Iranian regime operatives wage cyber war against U.S. officials tied to Iran policy

The Associated Press has a new report out detailing the Iranian regime’s efforts to target U.S. officials responsible for imposing sanctions on Tehran.

“As U.S. President Donald Trump re-imposed harsh economic sanctions on Iran last month, hackers scrambled to break into personal emails of American officials tasked with enforcing them,” the AP reports.


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