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The latest from the unhinged Left: An anti-Trump hotel

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There are some things this world just doesn’t need, and an “anti-Trump hotel for liberals” is one of them. But Langham Hospitality Group Ltd. founder Katherine Lo doesn’t think enough is politicized in America today, and that’s why she is opening up “the world’s first politically motivated hotel.”

For those of you planning your next dream getaway, Eaton Workshop, complete with organic mattresses and “woke” valets, will open next spring in Washington, D.C., seeking to merge “hospitality with progressive social change.”

Your kids will be stoked when they find out they can vacation and attend a social justice activism workshop!

Most normal people take vacations to get away from things like politics. But the Left, being not normal and consisting mostly of crackpots, is hell-bent on politicizing everything it can get its collective grubby hands on. And so an anti-Trump hotel for radical leftists may be just what the doctor ordered.


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Liberals have already ruined football; NFL players are making one of America’s favorite pastimes an unwatchable political spectacle with their incoherent #TakeTheKnee sideshow. Likewise, Hollywood actors continue to assault their audiences' ears and intelligence at awards shows with uninformed and egotistical political diatribes. (That is, when they're not assaulting young women, sexually.)

Music hasn’t been spared, either: Marie Claire has demanded an explanation from Taylor Swift for her "decision to remain apolitical during the 2016 election."(In case you didn’t know, teenage girls live to hear their idols speak and sing about presidential politics!) 

So naturally, the next destination for the Left’s off-putting brand of political activism is your vacation. As explains, “Eaton is planting a clear flag as a haven for Democrats.” The hotel will feature “a sort of TED talk series driven by the liberal agenda” as well as a “political statement piece at check-in.”

And instead of miniature booze bottles and snacks, Lo says, “We plan to have new ideas in the minibar — an activist toolkit, for example, that includes sheets with information to help you call your Congress people.”

I’m sorry, but whiskey sounds better.

If this isn’t already sounding like a dystopian nightmare — where Lo would like to “replace Bibles in the nightstand drawers with copies of the United Nations Declaration for Human Rights” — maybe it will once you learn that the company plans to open several more of these globalist shanties all over the world, including in San Francisco, Seattle, and Hong Kong. 

For a place that is supposed to cultivate the “accepting” vibes of the Left, do you think Eaton will welcome a conservative at the check-in desk? Luckily you don’t have to guess. Katherine Lo says they won’t: “The goal isn’t to bring together left and right,” she says. (Emphasis added.)

Room rates “are likely to hover in the upper $200s,” which the Bloomberg elites, for one, don’t consider “extravagant.” Nonsense. Anything is extravagant for a decrepit roadhouse where you have to pay to be further bashed over the head with unhinged progressivism.

It appears this hotel has all the signs of a left-wing flagship: intolerant, outlandish, and overpriced. I will be spending my nearly $300 on just about anything else. 

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