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The Left isn’t just losing its cool, but its mind

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CNN is having quite a week.

There is, of course, Kathy Griffin’s faux comedic bloodlust. Then one of its religious analysts, Reza Aslan, cussed out President Trump on Twitter and had to apologize.

Aslan said he “lost his cool” when he more or less called the president a bowel movement, after Trump took to Twitter to say, after the London Bridge terror, “We need to be smart, vigilant and tough. We need the courts to give us back our rights. We need the Travel Ban as an extra level of safety!”

If only Aslan had pointed out to Trump that the courts can’t really take or make rights, because rights come from God. Well, then, we may have been on to something … like the actual truth, or something. But that kind of talk doesn’t fly in most of our newsrooms, where the Declaration of Independence is consulted less often than Aslan has eaten human brains.

Instead, Aslan is revered because he supposedly converted from Islam to Christianity and back to Islam again. So it only makes sense his rhetorical flourishes mirror the hyperbole and schizophrenia as the soul they originate from. (Because journalism is magical, and not at all broken.)

This is how Trump continually gets new political life in the form of Bizarro World adrenaline shots that the media jabs into his sternum, “Pulp Fiction” style. There’s plenty to rightly criticize Trump for, but when a news network decides the likes of Griffin and Aslan deserve the credibility of their brand, Trump wins by default.

If the Republican Party could screw up a one-car funeral, it appears leftists are racing themselves to the bottom. Seemingly daily, one of them claims (as with Aslan) they didn’t mean to lose their cool and show their backside. Every day. On every issue. In every venue. Whether the venue is social media, broadcast media, halls of Congress, or a college campus near you.

The total abandonment of reason for a collective temper tantrum is what defines leftist progressives these days. They are perpetually outraged. Then they are perpetually outraged that they are perpetually outraged. And then they are perpetually outraged that we’re not as perpetually outraged as they are.

The tolerance mob is in need of some anger management.

Aslan’s outburst is hardly unique. One of my mentors in radio, Jan Mickelson of WHO Radio in Des Moines, Iowa, once told me about an interview he conducted with Marxist-disguised-as-evangelical Jim Wallis. They were debating the constitutionality of the progressive playbook, and the conversation continued into the hallway after the radio interview was done.

Upon entering the elevator, Wallis paused to make his final point: “I don’t care if it is constitutional. We are going to do it anyway.”

Wallis says he is a Christian. Aslan says he is a Muslim. Yet, if it’s true “by their fruit you will know them,” then we know the true religion of both men — they belong to the Church of Whatever They Want, Whenever They Want It. Where God-given ordinances like the rule of law and “thou shall not steal” are cast aside, in favor of wishcasting the world must operate as progressive dogma claims — regardless of all evidence to the contrary.

That is why, like any inquisition, they explode in fury when their theology is proven false. And why they attempt to silence, by any means necessary, those who would dare to differ. These are people who tolerate everything — except dissent.

Thus, if you disagree with leftists on virtually anything, they claim you want people to die. The same progressives actually responsible for killing life (abortion), killing biology (redefining marriage and gender), and killing justice (Islamist apologists) are absolutely certain that you are the one who has blood on your hands.

That’s not just losing your cool. That’s losing your mind.

Maybe even your soul.

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