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The tolerance mob eventually eats its own — always

Conservative Review

The tolerance mob always eats its own. Take renowned militant atheist Richard Dawkins as the latest proof that this is true. He’s made a pretty penny trolling God, the church, and religion in general for decades now. But if he’s really the man of reason and science he claims to be, Dawkins might just be forced to re-evaluate which side he’s on.

In Dawkins’ world, it’s theism that drives people to extremes. Maybe even as far as mental illness. That’s the kind of secular siren song that had progressives rushing to buy tickets for Dawkins’ scheduled speech out there in Berkeley, California. Yet isn’t one classic sign of mental illness the inability to maintain a clear and consistent train of thought? Time for Berkeley to do what Berkeley does best, then, which these days is to burn everything — including logic — to the ground.

And so it was that Dawkins’ Berkeley appearance was cancelled after it was discovered that he hadn’t just been mean and nasty to those dastardly Christians, because we have it coming, of course. But Dawkins has had some snotty things to say about — gasp! — Islam as well.

You know, Islam, otherwise known as the Left’s most favored religion — other than the religion of self, that is. And just to prove its commitment to its regressive jihad on Western Civilization, the radio station hosting Dawkins’ Berkeley engagement promptly cancelled on him.

In response to this folly, Dawkins wrote an open letter to the radio station, asking why it’s fine for him to criticize Christianity but not Islam. Their response was crickets, although I’m sure a “bake the cake, bigot” isn’t too far behind.

Not to be denied, though, Dawkins was back at it again this past weekend. He pointed out a similar bout of crazy and fraud among the folks at the London Rainbow Jihad march, when he tweeted: “Police happy with ‘Jesus is Gay’ banners. But banned … ‘Allah is Gay’ banner. @KPFA-grade hypocrisy!”

It has come to this. Richard Dawkins, of all people, now finds his own side’s hatred of Christians to be over the top and hypocritical. When you’ve out-hated arguably the world’s foremost God-hater, your next stop is the rioting mob outside Lot’s house the night the sulfur fell.

However, feel no empathy for Dawkins’ plight. This is a beast entirely of his own devising. He’s spent a lifetime encouraging those currently condemning him to condemn their Creator. Thus, he helped give birth to this madness.

He’s not a protector of intellectual consistency, but rather a victim of his own success, now being hung by his own postmodern rope. He and the fools at Berkeley are simply disagreeing over whether the rope should be made of nylon or polyester, but make no mistake — both sides will end up strangling themselves in the end with it nevertheless.

Dr. Frankenstein always ends up hating the monster he created.

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