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The TRUTH about the Donald Trump Jr. WikiLeaks flop

Conservative Review

Another day, another phony Russia “bombshell” dud of a story.

On Monday, The Atlantic dropped an article titled “The Secret Correspondence Between Donald Trump Jr. and WikiLeaks.” And of course, the media reacted giddily to it with their typical hyperbole, trying to pass it off as if it were a scathing indictment that proves the Trump-Russia “collusion” conspiracy.

The private messages prove nothing of the sort.

Donald Trump Jr. and his team willingly released the entire chain of correspondence he had with WikiLeaks on Twitter to congressional investigators. The DMs from Trump amounted to a whole three messages from September to October last year, which you can see here. insists it a big deal because “Trump Jr.’s correspondence with [WikiLeaks] appears to be one degree of separation from Russia.”

News flash: It’s not actually a crime to talk to a foreign national on Twitter. In fact, Trump himself has been even closer than one degree of separation from Russia. Heck, he’s even talked to Putin in person (gasp!), as have many people. That doesn’t constitute collusion.

Collusion is when you pay foreign nationals millions of dollars to dig up dirt — like Hillary Clinton and the DNC did when funding the Trump dossier. That’s an actual crime.

See more “White House Brief,”only on CRTV.

The Trump Jr.-Russia development is not a bombshell. Despite a year of non-stop Russia coverage in the media, there haven’t been any Russian bombshells (involving the Trumps, at least), and there likely never will be.

The only bombshell stories we’ve seen are those involving Hillary Clinton, the Clinton Foundation, and the Obama administration.

The whole Trump-Russia scandal is a hoax manufactured by the Left to continually delegitimize Trump’s presidency, and there is yet to be a shred of evidence in support of the hoax.

On the other hand, when it comes to Hillary Clinton, we have actual evidence for those stories. And yet, no such scrutiny exists for Clinton. This is why people don’t trust the media.

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