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The ugly, anti-cop truth about ‘anti-racists’ around the country

Conservative Review

Throughout last week, rallies organized by left-wing activists were held around the country in what the mainstream media benignly referred to as “anti-racism” protests. These “counter-protesters” were standing up to neo-Nazis and white supremacists, you may have been told.

What you likely weren’t told is these “counter-protesters” had neat slogans like: “Cops and Klan, hand in hand,” or “Oink oink, bang bang.”

Do those sound like the chants of anti-racist protesters? No. Those are the chants of radical anti-cop leftists, and they were chanted in several cities around the country.

In Durham, North Carolina, where the statue of a Confederate soldier was toppled by a mob, the woman who climbed on top of the statue was seen standing with a group waving the anti-cop slogan:

Those signs? They’re made by the Worker’s World Party, an explicitly Marxist organization that has stated that “workers and oppressed people must form their own organizations of self-defense and struggle, independent from the police and other organs of capitalist state repression.” They were present at Charlottesville, Va., where Alt-“Right” and Antifa clashed and the anti-cop rhetoric spread by their group was heard throughout the nation.

In Dallas, Texas:

In Kansas City, Missouri:

In Memphis, Tennessee:

In Boston, Massachusetts:

In Seattle, Washington:

In Baltimore, Maryland:

In Chicago, Illinois:

The violent, anti-police sentiments of these ultra-left groups is disturbing, to say the least. Disturbing, but not surprising. Antifa, after all, is a far-left cause that promotes anarchy and communism. To achieve their goals, they must overthrow the civil society — and that means they must oppose law enforcement.

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