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'There is no boss man here!': Glenn Beck is pumped that BlazeTV hosts DON'T 'walk in lockstep'

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Monday on Blaze Radio, Glenn Beck Program host Glenn Beck gave details about BlazeTV, the video on-demand platform of the newly formed Blaze Media, a merger of CRTV and TheBlaze.

"We are so grateful and so blessed to finally be able to come together," Beck said. "CRTV has, we have been partnering on a few things here recently and it just finally has made sense for everybody just to come together."

"If you've been a subscriber, your value of your subscription just went up an awful lot overnight," he added.


BlazeTV will offer 30 original shows, combining the programming lineups of CRTV and TheBlaze on one platform at BlazeTV.com, including Mark Levin, Glenn Beck, Steven Crowder, Eric Bolling, and dozens more conservative personalities. Previous subscribers to CRTV and TheBlaze Premium subscribers will have access to the full on-demand library of both companies, in addition to live content.

"So you have everything from CRTV and everything from TheBlaze all now under BlazeTV.com, and we are thrilled," Beck said. He celebrated the diversity of thought in the programming lineup, noting that BlazeTV hosts and personalities do not conform to a party-line way of thinking, as some do in the mainstream media.

"It's refreshing because if you go someplace else, especially in the mainstream media, you all have to walk in lockstep. You walk in lockstep and you do what the boss man says. There is no boss man here!"

"Everybody does their own thing," he continued. "Do you believe in the Constitution of the United States? Do you love America? Are you pro-America? Do you want to see it destroyed? No. Do you want to change the Constitution? No. You're in!"

A quick look at Beck's Twitter timeline shows he is very excited to be a part of Blaze Media.

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