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There's a shutdown no one's talking about, and Levin says 'we'll never recover'

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Monday on the radio, LevinTV host Mark Levin addressed the government shutdown threat President Trump directed at the Democrats to pressure them into voting to fund a border wall.

"The Republicans are frightened by such a prospect," Levin said. "And yet, I can't think of a single government shutdown that has occurred during a Republican presidency that has had an undue negative influence on the outcome of the succeeding election."

Levin noted the government shutdown in 2013 resulted in Republicans picking up seats in the Senate in 2014. He went on to argue that the $21 trillion national debt, if left unchecked, will shut down the American economy. And if a government shutdown is the only way to force the Democrats to cut spending, so be it.

"The debt is out of control," Levin said.


"You talk about a government shutdown ... you'll have a shutdown all right, and we'll never recover from it," Levin said. "The government is going to shut down, the economy is going to shut down if we do not get control over this debt and if we do not get control over the government."

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