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This is the cultural Marxist hellhole our country has become

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Elections don’t matter. Not one iota.

Over the past two weeks, we’ve gotten a taste of the social transformation without representation that is confronting us at every turn. Conservatives can fight to win a bitter election — resulting in control all three branches of the federal government and an overwhelming footprint in state governments — yet it is meaningless.

The unelected bureaucrats are continuing to promote Obama’s policies, and the unelected courts are destroying our Constitution beyond what previous generations of Americans could have ever feared in their worst nightmares. Blue states are allowed to violate the Constitution with impunity while red states have been denuded of their right to self-govern in accordance with the Constitution and federal law.

The courts are ravaging this country and contorting the very foundation of its existence as a sovereign and free nation. The Bastards on the BenchTM are bastardizing the First and 14th Amendments to mean the exact opposite of their intent.

Sharia-adherent Islamists in Somalia and Iraq have been granted an affirmative religious liberty right to immigrate, yet Americans have no right to run their own business and property in accordance with their Christian or Jewish beliefs, deeply rooted in our founding.

Our founding monuments are uprooted by the courts under the guise of not establishing a state religion, yet the courts are coercing individuals to service the sexual identity movement against their conscience — the very essence of what the Establishment Clause sought to prevent.

Red states are being prevented from protecting their sovereignty from illegal immigration, their franchise from the disenfranchising corruption of voter fraud — all under the corrupted misinterpretation of the 14th Amendment — yet blue states are allowed to violate the property, religious, and civil rights of business owners by forcing them to engage in involuntary servitude for something that even Obama opposed until the end of his first term as president.

The case with Baronelle Stutzman in Washington is the one legitimate manifestation of a violation to both the 14th and First Amendments (the entire preamble of the Declaration), yet this is one state injustice the federal government allows to stand.

Blue states are allowed to nullify federal immigration law, harbor illegal aliens, and demand Sharia refugees, yet Arizona is forced to give driver’s licenses to illegal aliens amnestied by someone who is no longer president.

The cultural Marxists have successfully launched a decapitation strike against our founding. Our rights no longer come from God; they come from the courts. State and federal respective powers no longer stem from the Constitution; they stem from the courts. Hence, the courts are able to turn those rights and powers diametrically opposed to their self-evident truths. We are caught between the rock and hard place of the Rainbow Jihad and the Islamic jihad.

The cultural Marxists don’t merely win political battles; they enshrine their ethos into the most immutable constitutional rights of our nation so that they no longer need to win politically to succeed. Their agenda lives on past their electoral losses.

And what about those political victories? We have a Republican Party that is every bit as socially liberal as Democrats. Yet they run as social conservatives so that they cannot be replaced during primaries, thereby serving as offensive linemen who transform into defensive lineman to thwart every play we make or block us from making the tackle against the plays of the Left.

Thanks to their utter insouciance to the cultural Marxist onslaught, the Left is able to win 50 years’ worth of culture battles overnight without firing a shot. And there is no outrage our counter movement. The social conservative political establishment is dead.

Yet we are not even asking for a socially conservative agenda; merely a socially libertarian agenda, one that does not downright criminalize religion, abrogate property rights, and banish our heritage from the public and even private square. Every Republican with a lever of power is to the left of where Democrats were on these issues before Obama took office.

During the ‘90s — and even during the Bush years — Republicans successfully passed (with overwhelming bipartisan support) immigration enforcement statutes with provisions stripping the courts of jurisdiction. Now, even conservatives won’t raise a red flag as the courts violate those very statutes.

When the courts assaulted life, the Pledge of Allegiance, and the Ten Commandments, the House held hearings on judicial reform and passed bills kicking the courts out of those issues (failed in the Senate). Yet the entire GOP establishment — and indeed almost the entire conservative movement — has stood idly by while the courts have redefined marriage, criminalized our founding religious values, and erased our national sovereignty.

And it’s not like Republicans are any more conservative on fiscal issues either. Obamacare has destroyed the job market, nationalized one-sixth of our economy in the worst mix of venture socialism and a zombie “private” sector, and has ensured that no choice, competition, and innovation could ever emerge in the most important part of our economy — all leaving American families unable to afford basic needs without unsustainable government subsidies. Yet, not a single powerful Republican can even articulate a vision for free markets and repeal this corrupt program, except for Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Mike Lee, and a handful of Freedom Caucus House members. Indeed, economic Marxism is the logical outcome of a party and a “movement” that is now at peace with cultural Marxism.

We keep waiting for the inflection point to come — when our time will come to take back our government. Many voters thought the election of President Trump was that moment. But if conservatives don’t begin to break out of the existing paradigm, look beyond the stale and failed institutions on the Right, and think beyond the existing intellectual ghetto of Republican politicos, we will continue the social and fiscal death spiral to the pits of Sodom and Gomorrah.

Sure, this sounds very gloomy, but I did not dedicate my life to fighting for our values so that we can despair, rather so we can find solutions. And the first step to finding a solution is being brutally honest about the severity of the problem.

All is not lost just because of a rough first month. But to succeed over the next four years and beyond, we need to build a new movement dedicated to confronting today’s challenges not just in theory, but in practice. We need a conservative media that is not just “anti-liberal media” and ironically follows the lead of their daily narratives (all Russia all the time) while Rome burns.

We need to chart a new path by harnessing timeless values and putting them into practice. We need to be prepared for these inflection moments and leverage points to strike with full force for our just values the same way the Left never lets a genuine crisis go to waste in pursuit of their immoral, illogical, and unlawful agenda. We need to get donors to stop funding failed causes that at best waste money and at worst undermine their stated causes, particularly on civilization issues. We need to build the case for long-term systemic reforms to the entire practice of our prevailing (unlawful) system of governance, and we must champion the Convention of the States to create momentum outside of Washington for change within the capitol.

Every generation has its challenges and is called upon to fight for what is just. Ours is unique in that the challenges strike to the core of the most self-evident truths of nature and the most basic common sense values of men and nations. Whether we succeed or not is up to us and our faith in God. But one thing is certain: If we fail to break out of the existing paradigm and look beyond the R vs. D binary race to the bottom or the lesser of two evil ideas, strategies, and leaders, we will never even rise to the challenge much less overcome it.

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