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Top Democratic group admits Trump is winning the immigration argument

Conservative Review

Last week, a poll showed that President Trump's instincts on the border crisis are right and his policies enforcing the rule of law on the border are resonating with the American people in a way the Democrats and the media refuse to acknowledge. This week, a top left-wing think tank has broken party ranks to acknowledge Trump is winning the immigration issue with his messaging.

A new report from the Center for American Progress warns that the Left has "ceded powerful rhetorical ground" on the "rule of law" to President Trump, allowing the Republicans to create what it calls "the false dichotomy of America as either a nation of immigrants or a nation of laws." In other words, by accusing the Trump administration of running concentration camps, by lying about the conditions in ICE detention facilities, by calling for ICE to be abolished, by voting against emergency border security funding, by offering free health care to illegal immigrants, by defending MS-13 thugs, and by denying that there is even a crisis at the border, Democrats have given Americans the impression that they don't care about the rule of law.

The report's answer to this problem calls on Democrats to introduce plans for immigration reform, and of course the policies advocated for would functionally make illegal immigration legal. The policies called for include lifting caps on immigration, admitting more refugees, reducing deportations, and granting amnesty and citizenship to more than 10.5 million illegal immigrants. Democrats can't be accused of neglecting the rule of law if they change the law to embrace open borders, after all.

Fortunately, Democrats are not in a position to act on those policies. But the takeaway from this report is Trump, the Republicans, and every American interested in national sovereignty and secure borders have the rhetorical edge on the immigration issue. It turns out Americans want American law enforced! Embrace that. Have the Senate cancel the August recess and hold marathon hearings on the border crisis to show the American people there is only one party willing to end the human suffering caused by illegal immigration by enforcing the law.

If you want to win, attack where your opponent is weak. Democrats have fully taken the side of illegal immigrants on this issue, leaving lawful immigrants and the rest of America forgotten. Press the advantage! Win!

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