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TRUE COLORS: Student leader says 1A doesn't apply to Ben Shapiro

Conservative Review

Earlier this month, when Daily Wire editor-in-chief Ben Shapiro went to the University of Utah to deliver a speech, he was greeted by a mob of leftist student protesters demanding that he not be allowed to speak. Dan Harris of ABC’s Nightline was also there to film a segment with Shapiro, which aired on Friday. Harris also interviewed students and faculty at the University of Utah about Shapiro’s speech.

In one of the most stunning and infuriating displays ever of honest, unashamed progressivism, the leader of the student organization opposing Shapiro’s First Amendment right to speak, Sean Taylor, outright states that Ben Shapiro should not have the right to speech and that the Constitution is not a “relevant” document.

“Many college students today do not understand that speech is protected unless it directly incites violence,” Harris narrates at the four-minute mark in the ABC video. He then features University of Utah professor of communication David Vergobbi to explain the school’s free speech policy.

“This is a public institution, it’s a government entity, they have to guarantee the free speech rights of everyone, including Shapiro,” Vergobbi states.

Harris then interviews Taylor, the leader of the student group that “vowed to shut tonight’s event down.”


Taylor: I don’t think he should speak.

Harris: But that doesn’t really comport with the First Amendment.

Taylor: I don’t care.

Harris: You don’t care?

Taylor: I don’t care.

Harris: Why not?

Taylor: I don’t think that’s a like relevant document right now.

Which other constitutional protections are not “relevant?” Should the government seize Mr. Taylor’s property without cause because the Fourth Amendment isn’t “relevant?” Should we deprive Mr. Taylor of life, liberty, or property without due process of law because the Fifth Amendment isn’t “relevant?” Should we subject Mr. Taylor to cruel and unusual punishment because the Eighth Amendment isn’t “relevant?”

Folks, how can you share this country with people who believe the constitutional protections of the inalienable rights we all enjoy are no longer relevant?

Ben Shapiro excellently defends the right to free speech in this Nightline feature. But for petty progressive tyrants like Sean Taylor, that argument falls on deaf ears, and the American experiment of liberty for all grows more endangered.

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