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Trump admin gives $300+ million to Hamas-tied UN agency

Conservative Review

The Trump administration has reportedly signed off on a massive aid package to a United Nations Palestinian refugee agency that works hand-in-hand with the terrorist group Hamas to achieve its goal of destroying the nation of Israel.

While it appears as a mere humanitarian agency for Palestinian refugees, the U.N. Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) perpetuates an extremely biased and false version of the Arab-Israeli conflict and has helped to stir up hatred and calls for violence among its employees and dependents.

UNRWA has documented connections with the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas, which rules the Gaza Strip. During Israel’s 2014 war with Hamas, UNRWA was caught (several times) stockpiling missiles for Hamas, using facilities such as children’s schools to promote Hamas’ jihad against the Jewish state. Additionally, UNRWA construction material has been found in Hamas terror tunnels, which are used to infiltrate Israel as part of terrorist operations.

It’s hard to separate UNRWA from Hamas. A recent Center for Near East Policy research report concluded:

“Over the years, UNRWA has become a convenient surrogate for terrorist organizations, led by Hamas, which unrestrictedly dominates the UNRWA workers union, and its men — along with educators from the Islamic Jihad and other groups — are the ones who educate generations of descendants of Palestinian refugees about the values of jihad against Israel and all infidels.”

UNRWA has employed proven terrorists and Nazi sympathizers and uses its U.N.-funded schools to push false, exterminationist, anti-Semitic narratives about Jews and Israel.

The video Camp Jihad documents how UNRWA schools indoctrinate Palestinian children with a merciless hatred of Israel and the Jews.

Instead of solving Palestinian refugee issues, UNRWA has helped to perpetuate the situation. Originally, the United Nations organization only recognized 750,000 Palestinians as “refugees.” But the UN has expanded the definition for Palestinian refugees to include the children and grandchildren of refugees. This has pushed the total above 5 million. This system promotes a special exemption for Palestinians. The U.N.’s other refugee agency, UNHCR, does not allow other refugees to pass down their status to their kids and grandkids. Unlike UNHCR, UNRWA does not promote resettling its “refugees” into countries that might be willing to take them in. Instead, the agency keeps Palestinians in an endless state of dependency, with an ever-growing roster of such dependents.

Though UNRWA has proven connections to Hamas, the U.S. has decided to continue UNRWA funding. The United States remains the top donor to UNRWA, funding about one-third of the radical agency’s budget. In 2015 and 2016, the U.S. taxpayer contributed about 380 million dollars towards UNRWA.

Though conservatives and pro-Israel advocates have long warned about propping up the extremist U.N. agency, Trump administration officials don’t appear to be receiving the message.

“America has long been committed to funding UNRWA’s important mission, and that will continue,” an official at the U.S. mission to the U.N. told Foreign Policy.

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