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Trump Jerusalem declaration threatens two-state solution cartel

Conservative Review

Much of the foreign policy elite in Washington, D.C., has entered full panic mode, as reports continue to surface that President Trump and the United States will recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital city Wednesday.

Israel reunified the city of Jerusalem in the 1967 Six-Day War after successfully defending against several Arab countries. Palestinians do not have a historical claim to the city; Israel reunified Jerusalem after defeating Jordanian forces that were occupying the city.

There has never been an autonomous Palestinian government in Jerusalem, or anywhere else in Israel.

By recognizing Jerusalem as the capital, in accordance with Israel’s legal mandate, the life’s work of the foreign policy elite in promoting the so-called “peace process” could be rendered a giant, meaningless waste of time. It has arguably resulted in the opposite of peace, and has instead created impoverishment, destruction, double standards, and the loss of many innocent lives.

For decades, Washington think-tankers, legacy media outfits, the United Nations, and leaders of massive government bureaucracies have promoted the two-state-solution as a means to solve the dispute between Israel and the stateless Palestinians.

Since 1974, this “consensus” has dutifully pushed its “two states for two peoples” agenda, even as the two-state proposal has done nothing to better the life of average Palestinian, or ensure the security of Israel.

To appease the two-state cartel, Israel has given up large swaths of land (such as the Gaza Strip) with the hope that one day these autonomous territories would become the next Singapore or Dubai. Instead, empowering these Palestinian entities has resulted in death, destruction, and more calls for Israel to surrender sovereignty to the two terror-supporting clans (PLO and Hamas) that represent the Palestinians.

Today’s “Palestine” is the most radicalized, anti-Semitic society in the world, according to internal and external polling.

According to September polling by the Ramallah-based Palestinian Center for Policy and Survey Research, a plurality of Palestinians support electing Marwan Barghouti — a convicted murderer and terrorist — as their next president. Following Barghouti in support is the leader of Hamas, who has pledged to exterminate the state of Israel.

Survey after survey also shows that the Palestinians prefer not to live in peace, side by side with Israel. Instead, they want to conquer Israel through violent means. Moreover, according to the Anti-Defamation League, the Palestinians are the most anti-Semitic people in the world, with 93 percent holding anti-Semitic attitudes.

In Washington, the cartel behind the “peace process” and the two-state solution has recognized the Jerusalem declaration could threaten the integrity of their decades of failed work. Members have taken to social media, attacking Trump’s coming announcement as one that could destabilize the Middle East (because, apparently, the Middle East is a model for stability these days).

Below, some of the most prominent members of the two-state cartel express panic over the impending decision.

Perhaps their panicked tone comes from a recognition that if donors and influencers begin to realize that the “peace process” cartel is merely a cohort of quasi-intellectuals who haven’t brought a new idea to the table in over 40 years, the two-staters may become irrelevant figures in shaping America’s Middle East policies.

Israel has become an essential American partner through its respect for liberal democracy, cutting-edge innovations and contributions to humanity, and its ability to defend itself in a region rife with American adversaries.

The two-state crowd still loyally supports empowering a terrorist-supporting society with full sovereignty, and in doing so, chipping away at the security of America’s most vital ally in the region. It’s long been unclear how exactly this “peace process” and two-state solution does anything to advance American interests, which should always be the primary calculation for determining an optimal foreign policy.

Until the Palestinian governments get their act together, and show — through action — that they can live peacefully with Israel, America has no role in promulgating their perpetual victimization.

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