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Trump, sovereignty, security and the GOP’s perverted priorities

Conservative Review

And The Lord opened the mouth of the she-donkey. [Numbers 22:28]

The past 36-hour news cycle has been a demonstration of George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four, in which the state-run media would display “two minutes hate” against Emmanuel Goldberg—the ultimate enemy of the state and the source of all evil in the world.  From watching both the media and every GOP public figure tripping over themselves to condemn Trump in a fit of rage and flying spittle, one would think that Jihad, our border crisis, and the criminal alien emergency don’t exist.  Trump is the sole source of our societal ills.

One could agree or disagree with Trump’s comments.  One could think they are repulsive, unhelpful, imprudent, or—in the case of barring citizens (but not foreign nationals)—unconstitutional.  But where is the sense of proportionality?  Where is the sense of perspective about the real problems we face?  One might think Trump is not the solution; one might think he’d be a harmful solution.  But for goodness sakes, he is not the problem.

The problem is pan-Islamic supremacism, open borders, and a completely malfeasant political class in both parties.

Yesterday, I listed nine urgent and harmful Obama policies that must be addressed or we will face irrevocable damage to our sovereignty, security, society, and economy in the coming year.  Yet, there is not a peep from Mitch McConnellPaul Ryan, or any other GOP establishment figure. Where is the outrage over the harvesting of baby organs by Planned Parenthood, which is still receiving taxpayer funds?  Where is the outrage over Obama’s continued suspension of deportation for criminal aliens, including murderers who committed homicides after being released?

And as it relates to the issue of Islamic terror, sharia law, and immigration, why is there a sudden focus on the straw-man position of barring every last Muslim from anywhere, forever, for any reason?  That might be a silly or repugnant solution—depending on your personal views—but that is not the problem. The problem is suicidal immigration policies and open borders.  Focusing on those who want to bar every last Muslim instead of clamping down on the current reality of mass and indiscriminate migration from the Middle East or the 935% increase in student visas from Saudi Arabia is morally dyslexic.

It’s akin to those who want to distract from the abortion debate and focus on the rare exceptions and extenuating circumstances as an excuse not to have a mature discussion over mass abortion on demand, including late-term and partial birth abortions.  Even if one personally believes that those seeking to ban abortion in all circumstances are wrong, he or she is not the problem. The problem is baby-killing on demand.

The same principle applies here. We are committing national suicide by irresponsibly making Middle East immigration our fastest growing subset of immigration at a time of tragically successful cyber jihad and with the paradigm of Europe starkly and ominously warning us of what this policy of open borders portends.

Where is the outrage from Susan Collins on a single one of these issues? Nowhere to be found, apparently, as she crawled out of her witness protection program and almost blew a fuse condemning Trump.

How ironic that on the same day Trump made his comments, a naturalized Syrian immigrant, was arrested for smuggling arms to Syrian terrorists.  The government refuses to release his immigration history and the media and beltway “conservatives” are completely uninterested in finding out more information.

Instead, the oleaginous “right-thinking” pundits all over twitter flirt with the idea that Trump is like Hitler. These same people evidently depleted their reserves of outrage and had nothing left to condemn DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson for speaking at a Mosque affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood, a group that quite literally shares Hitler’s goal of exterminating Jews.

While the professional conservative thumb-suckers savagely censure Trump for his solution, they have refused to voice support for Ted Cruz’s common sense and constitutional bills on refugees, designating the Muslim Brotherhood a terror group, and stripping ISIS fighters of their U.S. citizenship. In fact, they are insidiously trying to shame Cruz into joining in the chorus of maniacal hate against Trump to take him off his positive and constructive message addressing the problems they refuse to confront.

This is all about the establishment Republicans and the beltway “conservatives” frenetically begging the media to accept them as good and humane people.

Spare us the sanctimony and self-righteousness, folks. We don’t need acceptance from those who blithely ignore the harvesting of baby organs; though clearly the conservative political elites pine for their approval.

Our future security and the preservation of western civilization in this era of global Jihad is an issue that requires a mature discussion about geo-political realities.  It is a discussion that is greater than any one person and their political ambitions. And it is the very discussion the political elites on both sides of the pale-colored political divide seek to avoid.

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