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Trump UN address: Sovereignty + patriotism = peace and prosperity

Conservative Review

Speaking in front of the United Nations Tuesday morning, President Trump delivered what will likely be remembered as one of the most important addresses of his tenure as commander in chief.

The president arrived in New York City with a time-tested formula that he believes will not only bolster the United States, but an entire community of nations. That formula relies on upholding sovereignty and patriotism, or “principled realism,” as a means to maintaining international peace and prosperity.

President Trump articulated a worldview in direct contrast to the ideals espoused by former President Barack Obama. The last president rejected the realist formula. He was a passionate advocate for Wilsonian or “globalist” policies, such as the Iran nuclear deal, the Paris climate accord, or international movements such as the “Arab Spring” and other international entanglements that chipped away at U.S. sovereignty and degraded American allies.

In his address, the president put the International Criminal Court and other unelected international organizations on notice, informing these various conglomerates that they do not have authority over the United States and that our government answers only to its citizens.

The president pointed to Israel as a “thriving democracy,” congratulated Poland for fiercely standing by its sovereignty, and commended India for lifting countless millions out of poverty. He also welcomed Saudi Arabia’s recent reforms.

He then slammed rogue actors such as Iran, Venezuela, and China for their destabilizing and dangerous behavior. The president pointed to the Iranian regime’s out-of-control global terrorist financing and its proliferation and acquisition of the “planet’s most dangerous weapons.” He also announced sanctions on the regime in Venezuela.

President Trump’s U.N. General Assembly address was not an ultra-nationalist speech – although some pundits will surely attempt to label it that way. In fact, his address embraced the concept of patriotism as a unifying force that leads to sovereignty and mutual respect among the nations. The president made clear that the United States is not closing itself off to the world, but instead, advocating for the realist system that relies upon respecting and advocating for the sovereignty of all nations in order to protect world order and advance global prosperity.


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