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Trump's GOP amnesty will bring in millions of ... Democrat voters

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Last year, President Trump promised that the days of people coming here illegally to get citizenship are over. Well, now those days are only beginning and will continue in perpetuity. Trump is in the process of building an open border, and the American citizen will pay for it in the form of crime, welfare, education, health care, and a permanent Democrat majority in Texas, Arizona, and Florida.

After selling us out, not just last night with his Pelosi meeting but for the past two weeks of messaging on immigration, Trump is now trying to repair his status with the base on Twitter. After all, Twitter has become his go-to forum to hide his true policy outcomes and keep the base happy with political morphine. Yet his defensive statements are even more offensive to conservatives than the original reports.

There are no words to describe how offensive these pathetic straw-men talking points have been to conservatives for over a decade. We’ve been fighting this false narrative for years, and Trump was elected precisely because people were tired of Jeb Bush acolytes suggesting illegal aliens, on net, are better than Americans and not a fiscal, cultural, and security drain on America.

Within just a few months, Trump has not only adopted the policies of the Left, he has mastered their parlance, focus, false dichotomies, perverted sense of priorities, and straw-men arguments with a downright eerie degree of precision.

Then Trump reportedly said the following when asked about amnesty:

So Trump is now glorifying and idealizing DACA, a term that should be a four-letter word — the embodiment of America-last unconstitutional governance — as a legitimate baseline from which to craft policy. But there is an even bigger lie that will be propagated in the coming weeks.

Proponents of amnesty employ a stratagem whereby their broad messaging portends endless open borders and amnesty, but in order to get conservatives to support specific proposals, they try to isolate and minimize a small population. And of course, they tell us this small population, who should be allowed to stay and be given a path to citizenship, are all military veterans and superheroes. Trump will contend that this is only 800,000 people, but that is not what Democrats plan to pursue and that is not what will naturally flow from any amnesty. By definition, any amnesty, as history has shown, creates the conditions for broader amnesty, permanent open borders, halting of enforcement, immigration lawfare, and chain migration that is set irretrievably in motion by the original “sympathetic” amnesty. 

Consider the following:

  • According to the Migration Policy Institute, the 2017 Senate version of the so-called Dream Act (Graham-Durbin) would grant 1.5 million immediate eligibility for green cards and another 1.8 million “conditional” status, which we all know would politically and legally turn into citizenship in short order. That is a total of 3.3 million.

  • Now remember, we didn’t even get to the kids yet. The “dreamers” are largely in their 20s and 30s. Immediately after securing their amnesty, the Left will come back and say: How can you then not give amnesty to all those who came after 2007 and are just children? That is approximately another million individuals, not including many of the recent (and continuous) arrivals from Central America.

  • How can you deport the parents of U.S. citizens? Hence, DACA engenders DAPA. According to the Migration Policy Institute, this includes roughly 3.6 million. And remember, since we refuse to even negotiate changes to birthright citizenship for illegals, more and more of the illegal immigrant population will have children here and become recipients of the inevitable amnesty for the parents. They are also immediately eligible for welfare on behalf of that child. Robert Rector estimated that this population alone would cost us $2 trillion. Including “dreamers,” we are now at easily over 7 million people eligible for the amnesty.

  • Now consider the following electoral dynamic playing out over the next 10 years. Democrats are already on a positive trajectory thanks to years of amnesty and open borders. But the same thing that happened to California after the 1986 amnesty will now happen in many other states, including Texas, Arizona, and Florida. There are an estimated 260,000 “dreamers” in Texas, as well as 559,000 eligible for DAPA. That is a total of 820,000 new voters over time, even before discussing chain migration. That is greater than the 807,000 margin of victory for Trump in Texas last year. The margin of victory in Arizona and Florida was close to 100,000 in each state, easily overwhelmed by any iteration of amnesty and citizenship.

  • But we’re just getting started. According to Jessica Vaughn’s analysis of chain migration, immigrants on average bring in 3.45 family members over their lifetime. Mexican nationals, who will be the overwhelming recipients of amnesty, have the highest rate of chain migration, topping out at 6.38 additional immigrants per person. At this point, we don’t need to analyze states like Texas any more. We’ll be talking about turning Wyoming blue.

  • Not only will the promise of amnesty cause a surge at the border, but many individuals will come on visas and overstay. We have no visa tracking in place. This will create a permanent cycle of no enforcement. It will be virtually impossible to decipher all the new illegal immigrants from the plethora of those eligible for legal status, thereby in practice halting all deportations. Even under current law, which is iron-clad, courts are blocking huge numbers of deportations, even of criminal aliens. Once we write a new amnesty statute, everyone will potentially be given the opportunity to present their case as to why they are a “dreamer” too. Thus, Trump can tout the limitations all he wants, but the lawfare and fraud behind litigating every last person into the criterion will grind enforcement to a halt.

The bottom line with amnesty is that it never works and never will work. It always leads to nothing but more and more illegal immigration and more and more amnesty. It can never work until all the enforcement measures are implemented years in advance.

Ironically, none other than Marco Rubio presciently warned about this lax attitude toward enforcement when he was running for Senate in 2009, before he betrayed his own campaign promise:

“If you grant amnesty, the message that you’re sending is that if you come in this country and stay here long enough, we will let you stay. And no one will ever come through the legal process if you do that.”

Then again, the MAGA man himself put it best during the Gang of 8 debate:

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