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Video: Senate candidate Nick Freitas NAILS the difference between conservatives and progressives

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On Tuesday, Virginia U.S. Senate candidate Del. Nick Freitas, R-Va., posted a video to Facebook of a speech he gave to the Loudon County Republican Committee meeting the previous night, in which he explains the difference between conservatism and progressivism.

"One of the things that I think we've kinda gotten wrong as a Republican Party is we keep focusing on the individual candidate and individual races. While winning those races is critical, it's obviously important, I'm doing this because I want to win back our culture,"  Freitas said.

"As Republicans, we don't have a principles problem. We have a messaging problem. We have an education problem," Freitas said. "I am so tired of hearing Republicans described as being mean-spirited, racist, bigoted, homophobic, xenophobic, I mean you name it, we get accused of it on a regular basis. And then on the contrast side, liberals will show up to an argument and just automatically assume that they're nicer, kinder, more tolerant — they believe in coexistence — just by virtue of their political philosophy."

"It's this assumption that 'Okay, if you're a liberal, then clearly you must be a nice person and if you're a Republican, you've got some explaining to do,'" he continued.

"The difference between conservatism and progressivism is not how nice people are. The difference is you're a lot more comfortable with violence than I am. ... Every single solution you offer is based on government coercion and force. Why?"

Freitas unpacks that statement, explaining the contradiction of progressivism: It claims to be kinder and more tolerant while calling for the use of government force to coerce people into behaving a certain way. He talks about conservative policies — lowering taxes, cutting back regulations, securing the border — but he explains them in a way that shows why these things are good for human flourishing, not just political talking points.

Why isn't every Republican candidate talking like this?

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