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VP Pence tells Mark Levin that Trump will NOT cave: 'The president is not budging'

Conservative Review

Tuesday on the radio, LevinTV host Mark Levin was joined by Vice President Mike Pence to discuss the government shutdown and the president's continuing fight to secure the southern border by building a wall.

Pence shared with Levin that the Democrats in Congress are still refusing to compromise and work with the president to secure the border.

"Last week — one anecdote — we were in the Situation Room. The president looks at Speaker Pelosi, and he said, 'Okay, here's the deal. If I gave you everything you wanted, I funded most of what remains of the government, and I gave you 30 days to negotiate on Homeland Security's budget, would you give me border security and a wall?' She said, 'No.' The president said, 'Goodbye.' So we know how this story ends. That's why the president is not budging; he's not moving," Pence said.


"Democrats refuse to negotiate. They refuse to even discuss a way forward, and the American people deserve better. That's why I remember what Alexander Hamilton said in his time, to a foreign diplomat who was visiting the Congress. And he thought it was kind of loud and raucous on the House floor, and apparently Alexander Hamilton said, famously, 'Here, sir, the people govern.' And your listeners, millions of listeners all across the country, ought to know: This is the moment. Now's the time. We have a president who's willing to stand strong to achieve real border security, to build a wall. We just need the American people to let their voice be heard. Tell the Congress we want action," Pence said.

Levin pointed out that though many of the Democrats in Congress represent the sanctuary city mentality, the majority of the country wants to secure the border: "We're a country. Secure the border, keep the criminals out, figure out who's trying to get in here, keep the drugs out of here. That's common sense," Levin said.

"We have a saying out in farm country that is, 'Good fences make good neighbors,'" Pence responded. "A strong border will improve the lives, the security of the American people. ... If we have that steel barrier on the southern border, we reform our asylum laws, we redouble our commitment to border security, the human traffickers and the cartels that take cash to exploit these vulnerable families in Central America and entice them to make the long and dangerous journey, they won't have the ability to make that argument the way they can make it today."

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