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Washington sheriff tells Glenn Beck why he won't enforce the state's new, far-reaching gun control laws

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On Thursday’s Glenn Beck Radio Program, Sheriff Bob Songer of Klickitat County, Washington, joined BlazeTV host Glenn Beck to talk about why he won't enforce the state's new, far-reaching anti-gun laws.

"I'm a constitutional sheriff; the rule of law is the Constitution, U.S. and Washington state constitution," Songer told Beck. "Based on that, I believe that it violates the citizens that I serve."

Songer added that "this was a political move" from the state's attorney general and governor, who hope that it will translate into electoral promotions for them down the road. "They're violating good, honest citizens' rights."

"I've been in this business 48 years, in law enforcement," Songer says. He says the state's new gun laws "will do nothing to make a safer community."

"That's why crooks are crooks," Songer added. "They don't pay any attention to laws."

Following criticism from Washington's Attorney General Bob Ferguson, Sheriff Songer says he's not backing down and won't be cowed by edicts from the state capital.

"The governor or the attorney general is not my boss," Songer told Beck. "The only boss I have under the constitution is the people that elected me to office in our county. That's it."

Last November, Washington state voters approved a sweeping package of anti-gun laws via ballot measure. The provisions included raising the purchase age for semi-automatic rifles from 18 to 21 and enhancing background checks to include mental health records. Also, there's a "safe storage" law under which gun owners could be charged with a felony if they don't lock their guns up and someone else gets hold of them.

Songer and Beck also discussed the absurdity of how the Washington law would prohibit even some veterans and military personnel under the age of 21 from being able to buy semi-automatic rifles, even if the military previously issued them a fully automatic one.

Last month, I reported on multiple counties in New Mexico that opted to become Second Amendment sanctuaries. Since then, they have been joined by several counties in other states, including some in Nevada and 22 of Washington state's 39 counties.

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