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WATCH: Sarah Sanders to media: 'The term "animal" doesn't go far enough' for MS-13 criminals

Conservative Review

At Thursday's press briefing, White House press secretary Sarah Sanders was asked to clarify what President Donald Trump meant when he referred to MS-13 gang members as "animals."

The media, of course, wanted to imply that Trump thinks all immigrants are subhuman and he's a racist and a xenophobe, yada yada, and those are the misleading headlines they ran with.

But Sanders shut that crap down. She said the media is entitled to defend MS-13 if they want, but a term like "animal" doesn't go nearly far enough to describe members of a gang whose motto is "rape, control, kill."

The Trump administration is serious about securing the southern border and stopping the flow of violent crime into this country organized by MS-13 and other gangs.

Good for Sarah Sanders for refusing to play the media's game and speaking the truth about illegal immigrant crime.

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