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Why the California GOP is self-destructing

Conservative Review

On Sunday, the Republican Party of California voted to make themselves irrelevant by opposing the rule of law and changing their party platform on illegal immigration.  Fortunately for them, their decision will not make much of a difference because they were already eternally irrelevant and hopelessly disenfranchised precisely because the very policies they espoused this past weekend have already been implemented. 

The GOP of California is deader than dead. 

According to the Orange County Register, the GOP’s revision to the platform went beyond dropping their opposition to amnesty.  It is now considered controversial to promote the deportation of violent criminal aliens:

Meeting during their semiannual convention, state Republicans voted on a new immigration stance that states the party is “pro-immigrant” and wants to fix a system that “does not work for California or America.” Under its new platform, the state GOP supports worker visa programs but is against providing amnesty. Gone is language about “illegal aliens” or cross-deputizing state and county law enforcement to help immediately deport those who have committed crimes.

Thirty percent of the county’s population is now foreign born and 45.5% of resident speak a foreign language at home.

What these “Republicans” will never understand is that they can never out-maneuver the Democrats on immigrant-pandering and opposition to Americanization.  The voters will always choose the real thing rather than the mealy-mouthed diffidence of pretenders.

More importantly, they can nominate the most pro illegal immigration candidates to statewide offices and it won’t make a difference.  The state of California has been remade past the point of cultural return. Rather than fostering a melting pot that helps immigrants assimilate into the existing values of the state, there has been so much legal and illegal immigration to the state over such a short period of time, no Republican candidate – fiscal or social conservative – can ever win, irrespective of his views on immigration.

Just ask Carly Fiorina who ran on support for amnesty and birthright citizenship, yet got crushed in a good national year for Republicans, despite spending $22 million on her campaign.  In fact, almost every Republican politician in the state has run on an open border platform for quite some time – long before the platform change – and has failed to move the impermeable needle one inch.

As early as 1993, even Harry Reid was warning that 67% of all babies born in LA hospitals where children of illegal aliens.  The problem has only grown and compounded for 22 years.  A whopping 27% of California is foreign born and 38.6% of the state’s population – a plurality – is Latino.  They are expected to become an absolute majority between 2050-2060.  According to the 2010 Census, 23 of the 58 counties in the state are 30% or more Hispanic. California Governor Jerry Brown claims that 30% of schoolchildren in his state are either “undocumented or don’t speak English.”

Take Orange County, for example.  Orange County was once the breadbasket of GOP politics in the state and was a big part of the GOP’s dominance during the Nixon and Reagan eras.  Thirty percent of the county’s population is now foreign born and 45.5% of resident speak a foreign language at home. 

Toss in the illegal policies of automatic birthright citizenship and counting illegals in the reapportionment process, and there is no way Republicans will ever win that state again.  This analysis doesn’t even begin to digest the enormity of the social programs that are now available to legal and illegal aliens in the state.  As recent as 1988, Republicans were still able to carry the state in a presidential year.  Now, Republicans believe that a “me too” approach to the very policies that created a permanent Democrat majority will somehow revive their electoral viability. 

It doesn’t take a world-renowned political scientist to understand that such unprecedented societal transformation (without representation) – beyond anything our nation has ever seen – will produce a permanent majority of those who don’t assimilate into free market constitutional values, but permanently alter those values.  With 44% of the state’s residents speaking a language other than English at home, including 54.3% of the Los Angeles metropolitan area, Republicans could put out as many campaign ads in foreign languages as they want but it will fail to move the needle.  They have already lost. 

There’s a melting pot; there’s a salad bowl, then there’s California.

Will national Republicans learn the lesson? 

Americans have always been open and welcoming to those who assimilate into our culture and support our constitutional values.  But numbers, origin, and time span all matter in immigration policy.  We can bring in all sorts of people, but numbers and time matter.  The citizenry should have more input in the future of our immigration policy. 

It’s time for the GOP platform to reflect one simple principle: no societal transformation without representation.  Or, if you will, the elite politicians who often live in the ivory towers unaffected by the deleterious effects of illegal immigration on schools, hospitals, and public safety, ought to follow the Golden Rule.  Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.  Or at least let them have a say in the matter.

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