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Will the GOP allow US to become Iranian proxy?

Conservative Review

Just a few days after Iran committed an act of war and seized a U.S. navy boat and its crew, Obama has announced the first $1.7 billion in direct payments to Iran.  Concurrently, he has announced a deal in which Iran will return the four American captives.  They will not be returned in exchange for all the money Obama is giving them and the control over the seas he has evidently surrendered to them.  No, the Iranians get that for free.  The release of the four hostages was in return for a major prisoner swap that could include as many as 21 Iranians.

Consider the following:

  • Over the weekend, the administration announced a settlement in which they will pay Iran $1.7 billion for assets our government froze in 1979 when the mad mullahs conquered Iran.  Thus, in addition to the $150 billion in assets granted to Iran pursuant to the terms of the nuclear deal, the regime is now squeezing every penny from the original sanctions as far back as 36 years ago.
  • Obama purposely ignored the plight of the four American hostages as part of the nuclear deal so that he could allow Iran to force future concessions in return for their release.  We now know which concession the Iranians were demanding.  Obama is releasing seven Iranian prisoners and has agreed not to prosecute 14 others, some of whom are high valued supporters of Iran’s terror network.
  • While the details are still murky, at least “several” Americans were captured around Baghdad by local “militias.”  Now, it doesn’t take a genius to know that the only militias that operate around Baghdad are the ones affiliated with the Iranian Quds force of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard..  If this turns out to be the case, it would represent another failure of our ridiculous Iraq policy in which we are serving as the Shiite military on behalf of Iran while Iran continues to humiliate us.  This is a repeat of the entire Iraq war in which our military basically protected Iran from Saddam Hussein and the Sunnis only to helplessly watch them blow up hundreds of our soldiers with IEDs.

When criticizing Obama’s Iran policy, too many people are using the wrong ”a” word.  This is not appeasement. Obama has formed an alliance with Iran against his own country.  He is allowing them to engage in one act of war after another without any commensurate response so that they can use each event to extract more concessions.

On a side note, remember when Mitt Romney criticized Cruz for saying the U.S. would become the biggest state sponsor of terror with the Iran alliance?


Will Romney crawl out of the Mittness protection program to apologize?  More likely, he’ll join the chorus defending #NewYorkValues.  But I digress.

In a sane world with an authentic opposition party, we would not have surrendered the power of the purse.  We would not have passed the Corker-Cardin bill, which legitimized the Iran deal.

Where do we go from here?

  • The Palestinians are one of the biggest proxies of the Iranian regime and likewise are among Obama’s chosen people.  Republicans should immediately pass legislation being pushed by Ted Cruz and Rep. Mark Meadows to shut down all Palestine Liberation Organization offices in our country and suspend the $500 million in annual aid to Iran’s proxy.
  • Congress must refuse to confirm any more judicial nominees until Obama comes clean on all his side agreements with Iran and abides by the terms of his own deal [Iran has already violated the deal with multiple ballistic missile tests].  Of course, Republicans should already be blocking nominees for a host of other reasons.
  • In addition to blocking judicial nominees, Republicans should leverage executive nominees against Obama’s Iran policy.  Next week, the Senate Armed Services Committee plans to hold a confirmation hearing on Eric Fanning to become the next Secretary of the Army.  At a time when our military is being humiliated by Iran, Republicans must extract concessions from the next army secretary.  In addition, we need answers about the terrible morale in the Army as well as the Obama administration’s social engineering of the military, which includes integrating women in direct ground combat, mixed boot camps, and the transgender agenda.  Confirming nominees to serve in positions where Obama is perpetrating lawless or harmful transformations would represent yet another betrayal by Senate Republicans.
  • Congress should use must-pass bills, such as the upcoming Federal Aviation Administration reauthorization bill to shut down Obama’s Iran deal.

Yes, we will have a new president in 367 days, but we cannot afford another year with Obama humiliating our military and committing acts of treason with Iran.  That is an eternity.  Just last week, Iran’s army chief said they seized the American boat to send a message to Republicans in Congress to back off sanctions.  Well, Republicans, did you get the message?

Our forefathers wouldn’t tolerate appeasement for a moment.  They proclaimed, "millions for defense, but not one cent for tribute!”  Why should we tolerate treasonous funding of terror for one more day?

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