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Will NeverTrumpers give Kid Rock a chance?

Conservative Review

In an effort to provide full disclosure in regards to what I’m about to write, I must tell you that I am a Kid Rock superfan.

Though it confused me a little, I have been reading that Kid Rock wants to be a United States senator. It confused me, because based on what I know of Kid Rock (real name, Bobby Ritchie), the job wouldn’t seem to suit him, what with the boring hearings and the boring people and the hidden agendas and the overall fakeness. But then, he’s probably seen about the same in the music business.

And since he doesn't need the money, power, or prestige, I think he just wants to serve his country. And though I will have to disagree with him on certain issues, I think his candidacy represents a dynamic that conservatives must better understand and adapt to so that the conservative message can be spread instead of being dismissed out of hand as it oftentimes is now.

As the so-called conservative NeverTrumpers have inevitably done with their unwavering opposition to President Trump, the regular so-called working class who came out for Trump are becoming more and more hateful of conservatives in general.

Those people, whether NeverTrumpers like it or not, are the modern-day Reagan Democrats that anyone with half a brain would know are needed to be brought into the fray. And if I hadn’t tuned into Rush Limbaugh on a regular basis in 1995, I would be one of them right now, wishing I could tell NeverTrumpers a thing or two. But I did gravitate to Rush, and then I graduated into the Levin education. And now I see NeverTrumpers defining conservatism, and I want it to stop.

Central to the so-called conservative NeverTrumpers’ case has been indicting Trump’s moral compass over the crudeness of his speech, and his marriages, and so on. As if, based on their judgement, he cannot have the moral fiber to lead. But speaking crudely and being politically incorrect is not the same as being immoral.

Kid Rock makes music that strikes a chord with the working class in my generation, not just because he sings about “eating shrooms, drinkin’ Boones,” but also because he’s honest about his life, his beliefs, his patriotism, and being human. And, at this point, while I’d like to have a clear conservative running in the election that can beat Debbie Stabenow in Michigan, I will take an honest former drug dealer than a lying far-left commie like Stabenow any day.

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