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CNN resignations

Three men down … Three CNN employees, from their much-touted “investigative team,” have resigned their positions after botching a story last week regarding Trump associates’ supposed ties to a Russian investment firm. The story was later retracted. I highlighted the mess in yesterday’s email. Speaking of which, the Buzzfeed link about the ordeal was incorrect yesterday. Here it is.

CNN host thinks we should praise CNN … CNN media critic and host of “Reliable Sources” Brian Stelter thinks the proper response from conservative publications should be praise of CNN for the move. In his daily email, Stelter discussed how two conservative columnists were impressed with what CNN did to correct the situation and then called out other conservatives for not being pleased. Sorry, Brian, you guys bring this on yourself – all … the … time.

O’Keefe strikes … James O’Keefe and his team at Project Veritas got a CNN supervising producer to admit that CNN’s Russia coverage is all about “ratings.” And that they “don’t have any big giant proof.” The producer, John Bonifield, also added that President Trump is right to say the media is “witch hunting me.” Watch the video, and catch my take at Conservative Review.

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