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WTF MSM!? CNN is now the Comey News Network

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They can’t help themselves …

Still running defense … CNN’s media critic/cheerleader Brian Stelter seems as if he’s on the verge of a nervous breakdown. It’s sad, really; he can’t stop muttering the words “Hannity” and “alternate reality.” After the Nunes memo came out on Friday, Stelter jumped into full defense of “institutions” and how to protect them from Trump. Newsbusters has the whole exchange from Sunday’s “Reliable Sources.” To Stelter, Sean Hannity is the wizard behind the curtain who is orchestrating the whole of conservative media to do his bidding and make up stories about malfeasance at the FBI. While the folks at CNN, of course, are not taking any sides.

Oh, you thought I was kidding? Stelter also had The Atlantic’s Julia Ioffe on his show Sunday and with a straight face said:

… part of the problem is that the media sphere is so bifurcated, and on one side we have a very politically motivated media — Fox, Breitbart, InfoWars, etc. — that are pushing a dishonest narrative, frankly, that is politically motivated. And on the other side, we're trying to be, like, 'Well, we're not on any side, here are the details' — and I think people's eyes glaze over.

I’ll give you a moment to stop laughing. CNN particularly has been nonstop pushing a partisan narrative that Donald Trump would be indicted any moment for the last year. A point that Newsmax’s Christopher Ruddy made on the same program — and Stelter bristled.

A great business opportunity may be a 12-step program for left-wing journalists who pretend to be objective. Step one: “Hi, my name is Brian, and I am a left-wing partisan hack.”

CNN hires Comey assistant … You may remember last week, when, to great fanfare, distressed former FBI agent Josh Campbell wrote an op-ed detailing why he was leaving the FBI. Yeah, turns out all of his reasons were predictably bunk. Campbell left the FBI to take a lucrative gig as a talking head at CNN. What’s more, Campbell didn’t disclose in the op-ed that he was James Comey’s special assistant – the FBI equivalent of a chief of staff. Now he’s taking the show on the road to defend Comey on CNN, which may just have graduated from being the Clinton News Network to the Comey News Network. CR’s Jordan Schachtel has all the details. But remember, Brian Stelter tells you CNN isn’t biased.

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