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WTF MSM!? 'Commonsense' reform

Conservative Review

Calls for “commonsense” reform …

Media’s crusade against your rights … Before dawn broke in Las Vegas, the media was already pivoting to use the mass murder to push their leftist agenda. That agenda? The restriction of a right enshrined in the Constitution. There was AP’s congressional correspondent Erica Werner, who bemoaned that there was “Zero chance Congress will act on Guns.” Then Brian Williams chimed in, asking why the GOP thought the Sandy Hook murders weren’t “sad enough.”

White House briefing or lobbyist event? … Predictably, the media turned the White House briefing into a gun control lobbying event yesterday. NewsBusters has a rundown of everything that went down. Once again the media puts ideology over unbiased reporting, acting as lobbyists, not reporters.

Is Jimmy Kimmel the spokesman for the Left now? … Once again, Jimmy Kimmel has become the face of opposition to conservatism. Last night, Kimmel gave a monologue against the constitutional right to bear arms. The New York Times and CBS News called his monologue “emotional.” The Hill said Kimmel broke down. As my coworker Chris Pandolfo wondered this morning, is Jimmy Kimmel the “spokesman for the Democratic Party now?”

What other constitutional rights should be subject to “commonsense” reform? … If you think the Left’s push for “commonsense” gun control is just about saving lives, why do they want to limit other rights? For instance, campaign finance laws are infringements on speech. But the attack on rights goes further than that. You may remember some years ago when Senator Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., wanted to put limits on who could be a journalist. No, really, she did. Ask your liberal friends which other rights they want to limit.

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