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WTF MSM!? Disclosure hypocrisy from NBC News and Vox

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Missing disclosure … When the news hit that Michael Cohen’s lawyers claimed Sean Hannity was his client, the media attacked Hannity over not disclosing any prior relationship. At the time, I wrote about the hypocrisy of folks like NBC’s Chuck Todd, who failed to disclose that he benefitted financially from his wife’s firm’s work for Bernie Sanders. The lack of disclosure doesn’t end there. Here are some things from NBC and Vox regarding the merger of Sprint and T-Mobile – my mobile phone service provider.

In its daily “Vox Sentences” email yesterday, Vox focused on the merger. The subject of the email was, “T-Mobile and Sprint promise their proposed merger won’t increase your phone bill.” The subject is pretty passive-aggressive and par for the course for Vox.

NBC News also reported on the merger. In its story, NBC reported quotes from a consumer advocate warning that the merger could raise prices.

Here’s why I’m flagging these two posts and this longer “voxplainer” by Matt Yglesias. NBC Universal is owned by Comcast. NBC Universal runs NBC news, and as disclosed by Matt Yglesias, when explaining the NBC Universal-Comcast merger, is a “main investor in Vox media.” While Yglesias disclosed the Vox-Comcast relationship, he didn’t disclose the part that really matters to this story.

Comcast sells mobile phone service. Here’s the website to Xfinity Mobile. When writing about the T-Mobile-Sprint merger, both NBC News and Vox should disclose this fact. The publishers of these stories have financial ties to a direct competitor of the entities they are raising concerns about.

Last night I asked Vox’s Ezra Klein via Twitter about the lack of disclosure and have not received a response. Here is Vox’s piece on Hannity and Cohen.

Opportunity cost … The Atlantic’s Conor Friedersdorf is out with a piece attacking people who are wasting “time” and “resources” on covering the story about Joy Reid and her past homophobic blog posts. Friedersdorf doubled down in a tweet:

Did you get that? Writing about one of the cool kids of the Left and her past is not “plausibly justified as serving the public interest.”

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