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WTF MSM!? Really? PIEGATE is a thing and the Nazi next door?

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It never stops …

2017 continues to break all norms. In most years, the four-day weekend starting with Thanksgiving is a very slow news time. In a normal holiday news cycle, Friday through Sunday would have been spent talking about people out shopping and the start of the Christmas season. Not this year. Here’s a quick look at what happened in the media over the weekend.

“Piegate” … The controversy over whether or not White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders baked a pie for her family’s Thanksgiving celebration is probably the most 2017 “controversy” ever. To recap, on Thanksgiving, Sanders tweeted a photo of a chocolate pecan pie with the text: “I dont cook much these days, but managed this Chocolate Pecan Pie for Thanksgiving at the family farm!” That sent the media into a frenzy, with American Urban Radio Network’s April D. Ryan tweeting in reply: “Show it to us on a table.” That nonstory, frankly, got a lot more coverage than it deserved. And yes, the MSM is really calling it PIEGATE.

“Fact”-checking abortion with opinion … PolitiFact often uses expert opinion as concrete fact when performing “fact”-checks. That’s why I’ve started calling it PolitOpinion. This time, the “fact”-checkers examined the claim by Roy Moore’s wife that Alabama Democrat candidate for Senate Doug Jones supports “full-term abortion.” NewsBusters methodically goes through her claim, Jones’ answer to Chuck Todd that he wouldn’t support a 20-week abortion ban, and PolitiFact’s assertion that the term is “disconnected from reality,” citing Harvard “experts.” The only people “disconnected from reality” are the “smart set” in Washington and Cambridge.

Men just want to sleep with Mom and kill Dad? … This “hot take” on sexual harassment at the New York Times flames out quickly. According to author Stephen Marche, the reason men can’t control themselves is that predatory nature is inextricably linked to masculine evolution. To buttress his argument, he offers a dubious paraphrase of Freud on the Oedipus complex: “If you let boys be boys, they will murder their fathers and sleep with their mothers.” Seriously? Give us a break.

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