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WTF MSM!? They all look alike?

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Is the truth about jihad dumb?

Spin on Morrissey … After the Manchester-born singer Morrissey blasted the British government for not taking the Islamist threat seriously, Spin magazine’s Winston Cook-Wilson took him to task. Cook-Wilson called Morrissey’s words “predictably dumb.” Morrissey’s crime? Actually telling British authorities to name who did this — not “extremists,” but Islamic terrorists. Far from being dumb, Morrissey seems spot on.

Tell the kids jihadi attacks are rare … The BBC published a piece on “How to talk to children about terrorist attacks.” Apparently one of those things you should do is lie to the kids. Here’s the advice from psychologist Emma Citron the BBC published: “General comments like, 'This is a very rare occurrence', 'It's absolutely awful, but thank goodness it's extremely rare', and 'Security is going to be tightened even more', are really reassuring.” So even though radical Islamic terrorism is an increasingly common occurrence worldwide, just lie to the kids. Seems like a great plan.

Leave it to Newsweek … So a couple of idiots do what idiots do on the internet – create a conspiracy theory. Normally, like 10 people see these things. But the folks over at Newsweek decided to give these guys a bigger platform and then try and blame the “far right” for these idiots linking Seth Rich’s death and the jihad attack in Manchester. No really, they did.

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