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WTF MSM!? This is how they manipulate the news

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This is how they do it …

The Harriet Tubman brouhaha … Yesterday, Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin was asked how putting Harriet Tubman on the twenty-dollar bill is progressing. Mnuchin answered, “It’s not something that I’m focused on at the moment.” As in, it isn’t his first priority. He didn’t say he was ending the program or against it. That didn’t stop the media from running with the fake news that he may end the program or “didn’t endorse it.” See, for instance, the New York Post, The New York Times, The Hill, and many others. The “reporting” on this was not fact-based but editorial in nature.

Antifa is bad because it hurts Democrats … The Washington Post editorial board wrote earlier this week on Antifa. The Post’s editorial against Antifa is odd in that it doesn’t seem to be upset with the group itself, but only that “’Anitfa’ groups only help the hateful forces they claim to oppose.” That is unfortunately not a single isolated reference. Forced to admit that, yes, there is “violence on both sides,” the media is focusing on how Antifa hurts other leftists and not Antifa’s own inherent evil.

There is no correlation … Chris Cuomo, in a prime-time CNN tryout, tried to allege in the presence of Kellyanne Conway that climate change has increased the frequency and strength of hurricanes. That little bit of nonsense became gospel to the climate change believers when it was part of climate shrieker Al Gore’s “An Inconvenient Truth.” It has been thoroughly debunked since. Conway let Cuomo have it for pushing the fake news. NewsBusters has the story.

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