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WTF MSM!? What a way to celebrate Easter by NBC News

Conservative Review

Happy Easter? …

Racist Christians? … Talk about tone-deafness. On the day close to two billion Western Christians around the world were celebrating the holiest day of the year, NBC News decided to publish this “hot take” “think” piece. In the piece, titled “On Easter Sunday, Christians must remember how easily and often our faith is used to defend white supremacy,” the author tries to link Easter to horrible events in the nation’s past.

But is it really surprising? … Is it really surprising that NBC News would choose to publish and market such a piece on Easter Sunday, when its high-profile talent, in this case Chuck Todd, is tweeting out drivel such as this on Good Friday?

Imagine now that Todd had tweeted out something about one of the Islamic holy days with such utter disregard for the meaning of the day. Wait. He wouldn’t do that.

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