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24-year-old conservative dynamo Tomi Lahren goes from the lions’ den to the 'No Spin Zone\


Following her recent appearance on "The Daily Show" with Trevor Noah, TheBlaze host Tomi Lahren joined Bill O’Reilly on his show to discuss how her upbringing impacted her political and personal beliefs.

Tomi credits her success to growing up in a hardworking family who taught her that if she wanted to achieve something, she’d have to work for it. She doesn’t give up easily, either. After hosting her first show on another network, it wasn't long before TheBlaze came calling and invited her to host her own show.

Her philosophy sounds simple: Take responsibility, work hard, and don’t give up. So why are so many Millennials melting under the pressures of daily life? Tomi says she believes young people are leaning to the left not because of how they grew up, but because liberals dominate the popular narrative and conservative voices aren’t always heard.

Thanks to the recent election results, Tomi points out that “they’re just starting to hear the silent majority get a little louder."

Eventually, Bill asked Tomi the question many Americans have been pondering since her appearance on the conservative-crushing Comedy Central program "The Daily Show", why willingly go into the lions' den? Tomi’s immediate response: “Someone has to have the guts to do it.”

Smart and on point. Just like always.

Watch the interview below:

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