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A Message to the GOP: You are Headed for an Online Sales Tax Disaster


This is a naked attack on the middle class. Just another of Obama's attempts to help big business, at the expense of small business and consumers.

Consumer Carol Uyeno looks at Cyber Monday sales on her computer at her home in Palo Alto, Calif., Monday, Nov. 29, 2010. (Photo: AP/Paul Sakuma)

CHICAGO, IL - NOVEMBER 26: Retailers advertise Cyber Monday deals on their websites on November 26, 2012 in Chicago, Illinois. Americans are expected to spend $1.5 billion while shopping online today, up 20 percent from last year. (Credit: Getty Images)

Obama, "The King of Taxes," a man who has never met a tax he didn’t love; may have finally come up with the final blow to wreck small business —online sales taxes. The tactic is strongly supported by big business and, here’s the clincher, even some Republicans are backing Obama on the issue! Et tu Brutus?

In my new book “The Ultimate Obama Survival Guide, I point out how this new tax is one of Obama’s primary tactics to damage the American economy and destroy small businesses. This isn’t a tax to “help” us. This is another stifling tax, another ungodly regulation, another nail in the coffin of small business that will sink us all. It’s another massive attack that will totally destroy online small businesses. Only very large online businesses will be able to afford the billions of dollars it will cost in accountants, bookkeepers, compliance officers and lawyers just to keep up with the massive paperwork of keeping track, collecting, reporting, and paying sales tax to over 9,000 taxing entities.

The paperwork burden and potential penalties are so overwhelming that small businesses will have no choice but to go out of business. But the big multi-national conglomerates that support this bill are licking their chops thinking of all the small businesses with whom they’ll no longer have to compete. Without the small competitors they will be able to raise prices and just pass the cost on to you and me—burying consumers in higher prices...IN ADDITION to the sales tax.

Big business loves massive taxes and complicated regulations and compliance. They have the layers of low-paid staff to make it work. They know small businesses don't. So their competitors are forced out of business.

Obama says “It’s only fair to level the playing field between land-based retailers and online merchants.” Really? You mean the fact that consumers can choose to buy online without paying sales tax is “unfair?” It's clear now that to Obama, anytime a consumer saves money, it’s “unfair.” Anytime we avoid the greedy thieving fingers of government, it’s “unfair.” So now to create “fairness,” Obama and the Senate wants to force you to pay an extra $1,000 or $2,000 (or more) per year in new taxes and higher prices to the big online retailers.

All of this while we are mired in economic disaster? You mean stealing an extra $2,000 per year from the budget of every middle class American that shops online will help the economy? That's $2,000 less they have to shop ANYWHERE. That's $2000 less to spend on their children. Even Obama doesn't believe this absurd lie. This is a naked attack on the middle class. Just another of his attempts to help big business, at the expense of small business and consumers.

I have a better idea. I know how to create instant "fairness" for everyone. Instead of adding taxes to every online sale, why don’t we eliminate sales taxes on every land-based sale. Voila- instant fairness, and the playing field leveled. No taxes on either land-based retailers at the mall, or online retailers! Everyone wins.

Since greedy politicians will never allow that to happen, here is a realistic doable solution to stop this disaster. But it will take action by everyone reading this:

Online sales taxes can’t pass without Republican support. So let’s give the GOP a message. I am a Republican. I support Republicans with my vote and most importantly, with my contributions. If any Republican in the U.S. Senate or House votes for online sales taxes, I will withhold my vote and money from them forever more. More importantly, I pledge to give my money to true conservatives who run against them in GOP primaries anywhere in the USA.

I’ll put my money where my mouth is. You want to tax me to death, you now want to add to my burden with every online purchase, you want to kill jobs and small businesses? Well then I promise to fight you tooth and nail to the bitter end. You may pass it, but you will never win another election. I will make it my life’s cause to throw out every Republican who supports online sales taxes.

Enjoy the vote. Because without support from true-blue Republican contributors like me, you’ve just ended your career in politics.

I urge every conservative and consumer in America join me. It’s time to send a strong message:


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