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Brainwashed Prep School Teenager Wins 'Poetry Slam' Lamenting 'White Boy Privilege
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Brainwashed Prep School Teenager Wins 'Poetry Slam' Lamenting 'White Boy Privilege

The liberal brainwashing runs deep with Atlanta eighth grader Royce Mann, whose winning "poetry slam" on "white boy privilege" is getting some serious attention of late, and for all the wrong reasons.

Atlanta eighth grader Royce Mann is getting some great press for winning first place in something called a “poetry slam.”

The May contest at The Paideia School, one of the Atlanta area’s elite private schools, apparently features students “slamming poetry,” or standing, gesturing and enunciating words and phrases loudly, that occasionally rhyme, in front of an audience.

In what would otherwise be something nobody would or should be interested in seeing (other than parents who may be beginning to wonder what they’re getting for their $22,000+ tuition fees), after his mother posted the video to Youtube Mann’s performance is getting national and even international attention. And not because of his otherworldly “poetry slamming” skills, but because of the hot-button topic of his “poem” ... “white boy privilege.”

That’s right, the white guilt already runs strong with this 14-year-old, who has likely been taught his entire life that if it weren’t for his evil pale-skinned tribe the world would pretty much be a big round bed of roses, peace pipes, and hula girls dancing around campfires.

I certainly don’t want to be too hard on the boy. By all appearances, he seems to be intelligent, well-adjusted and, in all actuality, a pretty brave kid considering he had the guts to speak out loud, much less “poetry slam,” in front of all those people. But, given the truckloads of politically-correct garbage typical kids, especially ones in fenced-off, fancy prep schools (all that white-guilt, don’t cha know), are spoon-fed from the age they can understand English, the poor guy likely never had a chance at developing a healthy worldview.

In a stunning piece of virtue signalling that rivals anything your typical weak-kneed, groveling, hand-wringing adult white liberal might blather out, Mann begins his “slam” by apologizing for being white and starting life “on the top of the ladder while you were born on the first rung.”

“Dear women, I’m sorry, Dear black people, I’m sorry. Dear Asian-Americans, dear Native Americans, dear immigrants who come here seeking a better life, I’m sorry. Dear everyone who isn’t a middle or upper class white boy, I’m sorry. I have started life on the top of the ladder while you were born on the first rung.”

Maybe Mann should take a field trip away from his prep school, perhaps to a West Virginia coal mining town, and talk with a few “white” kids whose ancestors eked out an existence in the hills and hollers of Appalachia, whose parents might have managed to scrabble together a living, at least before Barack Obama single-handedly destroyed the coal industry, whether or not their skin put them “on the top of the ladder.”

After listing a few odd “advantages” of his whiteness that include being able to cuss, put on makeup (a nod to women) and eat, Mann concludes that part of his poem with an insulting line that basically calls police officers across our nation racists - “I love it because when I see a police officer I see someone who is on my side.”

Lamenting his being born on the “top rung,” Mann insists non-whites were “given a pen and no paper.” He’s always “felt that that was unfair but I’ve never dared to speak up because I’ve been too scared.”

Because, you know, the Klan is just down the hall from the school polo grounds and there’s a standing order to burn a cross and lynch anyone who “speaks out,” or something.

Watch the whole performance, just for kicks. It’s pure liberal drivel, nonsense, through and through, but that didn’t stop the Daily Mail from calling him a “wise, open-minded youngster.”

The poem has received backlash from the right as well. Bill O’Reilly discussed the poem on his show Wednesday night and he and his guest both expressed their doubts that Mann even wrote the poem, given that the school leans left and his mother is a longtime liberal activist.

Responding to some of the criticism, Mann told CNN:

“Some people feel that I’m ashamed of my race. … In reality, I’m not ashamed at all. Nobody should be ashamed of their race because that’s an uncontrollable thing. I was born this way, and nobody should be ashamed of that. I’m not the hero of this movement or anything. There are definitely a lot of people who’ve done a lot more than me. I’m just trying to do my part.”

As to charges that his mother, Sheri Mann Stewart, helped with the poem, she is denying it.

“It was totally his thing. I thought he might get some mixed reaction … but never wanted to discourage him from doing it.”

Apparently, that “Race, Class, and Gender” class he took really paid off. That sure is a lot of bull**** for $22,000. If it were me, I’d want my money back!

Feature Image: YouTube Screengrab

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