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Calling All Millennials: We Can Throw This Election and Teach The Party System a Lesson
Voters casts their ballots at ChiArts High School on March 15, 2016 in Chicago, Illinois. (Scott Olson/Getty Images)

Calling All Millennials: We Can Throw This Election and Teach The Party System a Lesson

As disenfranchised as millennials are over the 2016 election, what if they turned their frustration into a lesson the two party system would never forget?

Millennials have recently become America's largest living generation, clocking in at just over 75 million. They now outpace Baby Boomers and Generation X in size and voting power.

It's no secret that as a country we are in the midst of one of the most polarizing presidential elections in our history with two of the most unlikable and ridiculous candidates the two party system have ever presented us with.

Ask a millennial which candidate they support and you'll likely get a frustrated sigh or an apathetic shrug. I know because I am a millennial and am not aware of any of my peers who would legitimately be proud to endorse Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton for the White House.

In fact a recent Gallup poll claims that among millennial Democrats, 60 percent have no desire to support Clinton. Even more disturbing is that support for Trump has fallen to just 20 percent among millennial Republicans, according to a USA Today/Rock the Vote Poll.

Voters casts their ballots at ChiArts High School on March 15, 2016 in Chicago, Illinois. (Scott Olson/Getty Images)

We're tired of politics as usual and we're tired of this screwed up system.

As millennials we know we're getting a raw deal with these two and feel wildly cheated and disenfranchised because of it. But what if we turned our frustration into something that would teach the two party system and politicians in general a lesson?

What if we came together as a generation to throw this election?

Now that we have the power in numbers on our side and definitely have the pent up disdain for two parties that no longer represent our will, it wouldn't take much in terms of motivation to pull it off.

There's a reason why both runner ups were so popular with millennials prior to the current nominees being selected. It's because Sen. Bernie Sanders and Sen. Ted Cruz both came from positions of sincerity and principle—albeit principles with radically different ideologies—but still positions that challenged the system as we know it.

During their campaigns, most of the headlines covered the millennial love for Sanders, but did you know that a Fox News poll reported that Cruz held the millennial lead over Clinton and Trump?

What it comes down to now are two candidates that the majority of millennials didn't desire in the first place and the ones that stayed home during primaries are undoubtedly either kicking themselves or have become convinced that this was how it was going to end up anyway.

But if we did magically show up on Tuesday November 8 to send a message to the donkey and the elephant committee, which other candidate should we choose as our Trojan horse?

Libertarian nominee and former two-term governor of New Mexico Gary Johnson is the only real threat this election has that could thwart these two from reaching the presidency. He's on the most ballots in the most states when compared to other outsider candidates and is polling higher than any other third party runner.

While I disagree with a number of his policies, Gov. Johnson is the most agreeable candidate regardless of what party you align yourself with and he's light years better than the other two corrupt jokes we have to choose from.

It should be our goal for Gov. Johnson to win the popular vote in as many states as possible for the sake of sending a clear message that he is who the people (millennials) want as their commander in chief.

In addition to this, this strategy would call for Gov. Johnson to win at least one state with enough electoral votes, like Colorado, that would derail Trump and Clinton if they split the rest of the map, which at this point isn't insane to assume could happen.

That way we could ensure that neither Trump nor Clinton could gain enough electoral votes to be named president.

This derailment would, by constituion, put the final decision in the hands of the House of Representatives, and judging from what we've heard from members of their own parties, even the most senior of representatives dislike their candidates.

There's no law saying that the House of Representatives need to vote for who their state supported most, just that they select a candidate from the top three vote getters. If we can show that enough nationwide approval for Gov. Johnson existed, it's not impossible that we could see a miracle happening in our favor.

Obviously it's a long shot. Obviously the math has to work out correctly. But if we can do our part by showing up and pushing out the vote for Gov. Johnson we could throw this election and show America that the hero generation have arrived to stop the madness.

Even if Gov. Johnson doesn't win a state, scoring huge numbers in the popular vote will, at the very least, send a message that the system in place will soon be burned to the ground because it is not what best represents the people anymore.

It might sound challenging, but we've been pushed into a corner with no other choice.

Wade Heath is a Speaker, Columnist and Host of The Millennial Report. Contact him: WadeTheBlaze@Gmail.com

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