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Donald Trump, His Rising Poll Numbers and Millennials


Have millennials attitudes towards free market economies changed enough to make Donald Trump's presidential candidacy possible?

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The windstorm that has been the candidacy of Donald Trump is nothing short of captivating. In typical Trump fashion he took the Republican field by storm rising to the top of the polls through his brash and "politically incorrect" declarations.

Many of the elites and talking heads from the Republican party have been quick to criticize Trump for his assertions that Mexico is sending their worst nationals into the the United States. Mr. Trump claimed that a majority of those who enter the country illegally have been previously convicted criminals and rapists and by not first securing the boarder Americans will face more and more tragic deaths and brutal attacks at the hands of illegal immigrants.

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The big reason Trump has done so well since his announcement is because he is the only candidate telling his truth and voters appreciate that. Mr. Trump is a self-made billionaire who is not confined to the constricting boxes of interest groups and big money. Whether you are a Trump fan or not, out of all the candidates you know the words coming out of his mouth is what he believes and not political double speak.

We know where The Donald stands with liberals: They hate him. We know where he stands with Republican elites: They hate him. we know where he stands with Republican voters: They, at least for now, love him.

But where does he stand with the electoral powerhouse, millennials?

Millennials are the most analyzed and talked about voting block in the country, not only because they are the most powerful but because they are the most diverse and impressionable. The Democratic Party has reigned ruler over this voting block for well over a decade and has ensured their path to the White House and congressional control for many years.

But, millennials have matured quite a bit since 2008 and are no longer the young idealistic generation they once were. They have clawed their way through the poor economy throughout the past eight years, doing everything they can to survive high unemployment numbers, massive student loan debt, Obamacare, and soaring costs of living.

The top issues, according to Harvard’s latest IOP polling data, show that the most of the top 10 issues for millennials revolve around the economy. The most important issues, in order, are jobs, national debt, unemployment, taxes, governemnt spending, and finaicial stabiity.

Millennials have positive views of capitalism and most believe that corporations earn their profits and are entitled to keep them. According to Reason-Rupp latest polling data 52 percent of millennials favor capitalism over socialism and 64 percent favor the free market over a government managed economy. Donald Trump represents the kind of success that can be attained though capitalism and the free market, two things Democrats vilanize but that are positives for millennials.

Furthermore, most millennials do not think that big corporation profits are too high or corporate taxes are too low. Again, this points to an evolving generation who is beginning to realize that the success of American corporations means more jobs and higher paying jobs. And that when the government intervenes with costly regulations and over taxation these jobs and profits are driven overseas and leaves them unemployed.

Donald Trump represents the American Dream, a dream that is only attained through hard work and a free market economy. A whopping 64 percent of millennials say hard work is the key to success and 40 percent of millennials say that poor life choices and lack of work ethic is what causes poverty, this is the exact opposite view held by most Democrats running for office.

All of these recent changes in millennials attitudes towards wealth, poverty, taxation, and the free market economy only strengthen a businessman's (or woman’s like Carly Fiorina) presidential candidacy. Donald Trump will be able to evoke a strong case that he is the person to bring America’s economy back to it’s former glory. He has a track record a great job creation and a great profits. He is a skilled negotiator and well known to world leaders aa a tough but fair man.

These 180 degree changes in many millennials views has created a huge opening, not only for Donald Trump, but for any Republican candidates who believes that a free market economy with less taxation and regulation is the key to make America Great again.

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