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Ferguson Protesters: Violence is Never the Answer!


Don't be fooled by those that would lead you down the wrong path to fulfill their own agenda.

So what’s really going on with the Ferguson protests? Is it actually about Michael Brown or is it something more?

I believe there are some who are protesting the death of Brown while other protesters are blindly linking arms with Communists who don’t care about Brown, but rather care about their own agenda.

The Communist agenda is all about social justice. The definition of social justice, depending on which dictionary you choose, is the distribution of advantages and disadvantages within a society. Social justice is also the complete economic equality of all members of society.

Those who aspire to social justice use any means necessary to effect a change no matter who must suffer an inequality or injustice in order to bring about equality for all members, economically or otherwise.

Many in Ferguson, other states, and even those outside of the U.S., are protesting the decision of the 12 member grand jury, which found no fault on the part of Officer Darren Wilson in shooting and killing Brown.

Protesters are angry, frustrated and are expressing themselves by acting out their frustrations on innocent people, minority-owned businesses, and others so that everyone will feel their pain and vengeance.

Clearly, the protesters that burned down minority-owned businesses the night the grand jury decision was read, were acting out of a desire to punish others. It was a desire to level the playing field and to make those business owners feel a lack of control just like the protesters felt when a young African American was killed.

Theirs was a reaction borne out of hurt which they inappropriately projected onto others. The end result was that innocent people suffered unnecessarily because it made the protesters feel better, if only momentarily. However, their loss did not justify their acts of violence against others.

Blameless lives were destroyed the night that businesses were burned to the ground. People with children, people caring perhaps for the elderly or others in their families with disabilities, had their lives and those that they care for, destroyed in a split second.

And yet, it is these same people who claim that they are angry because a young life was ended by a police officer. They call for justice but show no justice to the families that they destroyed because of their anger.

Rational thinking without heated emotion would surely come to the conclusion that burning down buildings and destroying lives is never warranted.

Are we so far down the road of social justice that it no longer matters what we do to others when we are hurting?

Personal responsibility needs to make a big comeback. Today, we are so quick to look to someone else to blame for our actions that we have forgotten that only ‘we’ can control our own behaviors.

We have become a society of divisiveness thanks to those in the Obama Administration, race baiters, Communists, and others who would intentionally try to divide us for their own benefit.

However, we are still responsible for what we do when we follow these people down the wrong path.

Having a country and its people at odds with each other, allows our freedoms to be further eroded. While we fight each other, those interested in destroying America laugh at our ignorance and how easy it is to get us to believe in the lie.

The lie is that we hate each other. We don’t. There are a few people from every race or ethnicity that don’t like someone else but that is not true for the majority of people.

We need to stop allowing the division to occur. It’s not going to benefit us or America as a whole. What will benefit us all and America in general, is that we must work together.

We need to start looking at what we share in common and discontinue looking solely at our differences. We can acknowledge that we are a diverse people but what we all have in common is that we are all ‘people’ who share many of the same heartaches, joys, love and losses as the next person.

We also have to start getting back to reality and evaluating facts. Instead of basing decisions on what we want, we need to accept the truth.

Are there problems in this country and are people experiencing pain? Yes and yes. However, violence is never the answer to resolve either one.

We do need to dialogue with each other but we need to first accept the facts and personal responsibility for our choices. Only then can we begin to move forward toward open and meaningful communication.

We must also maintain some trust in the judicial system and refrain from being led astray by every progressive or Communist group that steps up to take Americans off-track.

Also, we don’t and won’t agree on everything. However, when we do stumble because we are human, we must be held personally accountable for our conduct and charged with making things right.

In the end, our very existence depends upon our ability to see each other as human beings and to treat each other with respect.

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