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I Wouldn't Want To Be A Cop Today. Thank God For Those Who Make The Sacrifice.


Cops have been labeled murderous racists from all corners of society, starting at the very top.

Dallas police officers stand in a line near the site of shootings in downtown Dallas, early Friday, July 8, 2016. Snipers opened fire on police officers, police said; some were killed. (AP/LM Otero)

As I write this, there is quite a lot we still don't know about what happened in Dallas last night, but plenty that we do know.

We know that the Dallas police were ambushed during a Black Lives Matter protest. We know that five officers were massacred and killed and seven more were wounded. We know that the suspect -- or one of the suspects -- identified as Micah Johnson, seen here flashing the black power symbol, was killed by police after a stand off in a parking garage. We know that a Black Power group has taken credit for the attack. We know that some protesters laughed and jeered at police officers while cops were being executed a few blocks away.

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