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Invest in Survival—For Yourself and Your Family


If you don’t have a contingency plan that will allow you to execute a step-by-step process when the unthinkable occurs, you and your family are doomed to disaster.

Below is an excerpt from Wayne Allyn Root's new book "The Ultimate Obama Survival Guide: How to Survive, Thrive, and Prosper During Obamageddon" 

Did you know?

  • The first thing to understand about a situation of national emergency and civil unrest is that you cannot count on the government to come to your rescue
  • You need to plan ahead whether your family will hunker down in your domicile or depart for a safe location
  • If you plan to leave, you should have supplies prepared so that you can escape within ninety minutes of the disaster, when your neighbors are still waiting for the government rescue

Let’s face it. In the worst-case scenario, surviving, thriving, and prospering in Obama’s next four years of disaster could at some point boil down to actual, physical survival. If there is a complete collapse—either of the U.S. economic system or of the global financial system or as a result of terrorism—we will all have much bigger worries than preserving our assets for retirement. We’ll be concerned about our physical survival amidst unrest and anarchy.

Will it ever get that bad? Who knows? But I believe in being prepared—especially when the lives of my family are involved. I’m no expert on survival. So I turned to one of my close friends, a former elite U.S. Special Forces operative who served in intelligence, in counterterrorism, and as a member of the Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC). He is also an expert in biometrics and nonlethal defense technology. He is a man we can reliably turn to for professional advice on how to prepare for disaster. Here is his exclusive and valuable advice, in his own words:

Survival As Defined By a Special Forces Expert

In this book, Wayne defines surviving and thriving much differently from someone like me. For the next few pages let’s focus on defining survival at its most basic level—staying alive.

It is paramount to be prepared and have options when a national emergency or Act of God occurs. We have no control over events unfolding globally or nationally just as we have no control over catastrophic events. However, I can tell you, without a doubt, if you don’t have a contingency plan that will allow you to execute a step-by-step process when the unthinkable occurs, you and your family are doomed to disaster.

Please listen to my advice now. You’ll believe me later after a catastrophic event THE GOVERNMENT WILL NOT COME TO YOURRESCUE.

Let me say it another way. Any significant event will result in the immediate stoppage of food, fuel, and essential services to which you are so accustomed. You, and you alone, will be responsible for yourself and your family. There will be no FEMA, no fuel, no food, no garbage collection, and very likely, no electricity or water.

What’s your plan? Are you prepared to hunker down in your domicile and wait it out? How long can you last? Do you have water supplies and food supplies? What are you waiting for? Simply put, you are waiting for gloom and doom. I’m sorry to be so blunt but that’s exactly what you’re doing. Time is of the essence. Within the first ninety minutes after an emergency, while the masses are waiting for help to arrive, you must be proactive and put your plan into action. Your contingency plan is now your roadmap to survival.

In this Tuesday, March 5, 2013 photo, grasses grow beside abandoned houses in Naraha, which was once inside the nuclear exclusion zone surrounding the crippled Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear plant, in Japan.(AP Photo/Greg Baker)

What’s included in your roadmap? Do you have an exit strategy to get out of the affected area? Are you prepared to hunker down and protect your fortress? The first and most important requirement is food and water—followed by shelter, heat, power, and self-defense. If you do not have at least a thirty-to-ninety-day supply of basic, easy-to-fix meals for yourself and your family, now is the time to start to put that in place. At the end of these pages I will provide a few websites where you can obtain key elements for your contingency plan, and rest assured I am in no way connected to any of these sites. I’m prepared and I hope you are. But, you have to take responsibility to “pack your own parachute.”

If your plan includes departing your location, be sure you have a safe location already identified. Then, you must be prepared to leave in ninety minutes or less. Whatever you are taking with you must be easily accessible and ready to load in thirty minutes or less. Your family members must be aware of the plan and have a rally location or return immediately to aid in the loading and move out order. Don’t worry about your existing domicile. Once gone there is nothing you can do to stop looters and those in dire need from gaining access. Do not inform anyone where you’re going, or even let them know you are going.

Trust me when I say the operational security of your plan is essential to your survival. When the situation melts down, and it will, your neighbors, friends, and associates are going to get desperate, and by desperate I mean they are going to want what you have. It will be dog eats dog, and the untrained and ill-prepared will be the first collateral victims.

As part of your plan, know who your threats are and identify the potential they have to derail your plans. The Billy Bad Ass down the street who has constantly raved about his assault rifles and his knowledge will be the first to act in an unconventional manner. That is why speed is of the essence. You must be gone before he has a chance to act in a violent way. Do you have a plan if your exit is blocked by him or a group of these types? Hesitation will get you killed! Have multiple exit plans from your neighborhood. However, in a worst-case situation you must do what you are not trained to do to survive. Yes, you understand what I’m saying, and as horrific as that sounds it’s your will to survive and to protect your family that will make you act. Remember avoidance and deception are key to your uninterrupted departure.

What else does it take to put together a cohesive and doable plan? It must prepare for contingencies and be simple. Do not over-plan. The most important part is to practice and rehearse. 

U.S. Special Operation forces are so effective in combat for three reasons:

1. Highly intelligent operators

2. Best equipment in the world

3. Training, training, and more training

Training is everything in life. Just as you practice a sport or study for a test, you must practice your plan to be ready to put it into action. You will learn during these exercises what works and doesn’t work. You will improvise the plan so that it becomes seamless. It has to be second nature.

Given your unique situation I cannot tell you what kind of plan you should have. But, sources of information are abundant on the Internet for you to create an executable and successful roadmap.

When developing a plan, understand your surroundings and also your end-game location. If your plan is to ride things out at home, then prepare for that. Are you going to secure the entire home or just a couple of rooms? Who will be in your neighborhood network of trusted parties?

Where will your water come from? Your swimming pool? How will you filter it? How will you dispose of your waste? Are you prepared to share with those who were not prepared? Do you have auxiliary power generation? Fuel generator? Solar power? And the last and probably the most important question to ask yourself is once you have the logistics and plan for your family in place, how are you going to defend and protect your fortress?

Know that, however much you might want to, you are not going to be able to reason or negotiate with those in dire straits. You must be prepared to provide security by force. And, by force I mean you need firepower. Make no mistake, your neighbors will also have weapons, and when all else fails they will resort to their weapons to obtain food and life essentials. Many families today have guns. However, I can assure you they are not well trained, and they don’t possess sufficient quantities of munitions to sustain a fight. Don’t be one of them. If you are prepared, they will move on to some other soft target to get what they need. So in your plan you must have a defense component that includes training, a sufficient quantity of weapons, and an over-supply of munitions.

It is not my intent to put the fear of God in you. It is my intent to open your eyes to the possibility of a major disruption of essential needs. I see people living their lives every day and how they react when their cellular service goes down. Imagine what happens when you can’t procure food and fuel! Imagine no electricity, and no communications. Actually, you don’t even need to imagine it. Look at what happened when events as minor as an electrical outage happened in several major U.S. cities . . . the gangs and looters came out en masse. Remember the L.A. riots? The police were afraid to protect us.

For events other than natural catastrophes, there are always warning signs. It is your job to be aware and heed them. Most people are sheep, living their lives one day at a time, paycheck to paycheck, expecting everything will remain the same. They don’t realize they are just waiting to be slaughtered.

I am not one of those types . . . don’t you be either. I’ve traveled the world, lived life, and endured hardship. I’ve defended my country with my life and love America with all my heart. I know I must be prepared to defend what is mine and what is near and dear to me! That is my family, loved ones, and my team members. We have a bond that transcends itself for the greater good of survival. It is a code of brothers that causes us to be prepared and to act. It is our hope that disaster never comes, but we would be naïve to think it won’t. We will be prepared and we will practice. It is infinitely better to be prepared and never have to implement than to not be prepared at all!

I’m not telling you to be an extremist. I’m telling you to be vigilant, alert, and prepared! Nothing more, nothing less.

While it is your decision, know that your life and the lives of your family depend on it. Do you really want to put your lives in the hands of others? If you believe like me, take responsibility for your decisions, and intend to be ready for the day we all hope will never come, continue reading. If not, skip the rest and continue on with the rest of book. There you will receive incredible insight into what the brightest minds are doing to survive a financial meltdown to our markets, currency, and financial way of life. For those of you still with me, I will guide you through establishing the minimum requirements for survival of life.

Okay, you’re still here, the brave, practical ones who have the ability to envision a modern civil meltdown. Let me walk you through what you will need. Establishing your minimum requirements is dependent upon your needs and experience; I would suggest that you evaluate your needs based on your location and/or evacuation location.

As I stated earlier, your human priorities are as follows:

1. Food and water

2. Shelter

3. Heat

4. Power

5. Self-defense

Self Defense

I choose to start with what I feel most comfortable with and that is, at a minimum, having one weapon for each individual capable of providing support. I recommend a handgun and would also suggest one shotgun for every two individuals. Shotguns are perfect for home and close-quarter protection, and you don’t have to be a marksman to take down or ward off an aggressor. In the event you’re looking for standoff protection, acquire a rifle or assault weapon.

Here are your weapons requirements in a snapshot:

1. .40 Caliber Hand Gun (Glock Model 22, 27 or equivalent)

2. Shotguns (Mossberg Model 500 Series)

3. Assault Weapons (XCR-L Series)

4. Ammunition (as much as each person can carry)

To make life easier you should also have some type of backpack system. Your choices are based on individual needs and comfort. The choices areMOLLE or ALICE:

MOLLE = Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment

ALICE = All-purpose Lightweight Individual Carrying Equipment

My recommendation is MOLLE Large as it is the most modern and allows you to add and subtract pouches as needed; it offers the ability to add Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) sleep systems. The only drawback is the plastic frame. However, for value it is the perfect bug-out bag that facilitates “grab and go” scenarios, saving precious time. Each member in your team should be fitted and equipped. You should have the contents of the bag fully defined and packed. It should at a minimum include:

1. Food (enough for three days)

2. Water and water purification systems

3. Medical kit

4. Extra set of clothes, socks, etc.

5. Knife and entrenching tool

6. Chem (snap and shake) flashlights

7. Fire starter

8. Sleep system

9. Flares

10. Ammunition

Special Note: Have a supply of cash, silver, and gold and an emergency hand crank AM/FM radio.

I could spend pages addressing each of these elements, but you can identify sources via the Internet for the right setup for yourself and your team. Keep in mind that loads vary by person and you have to manage that carefully. Remember, you are only as strong as your weakest link.

Now, you are asking “if I’m basing my survival from my existing domicile why would I need the bug-out bag?” Quite simply, it is vital for many reasons. I keep mine in the trunk of my car and if I have to abandon my vehicle during a time of crisis, I have the essentials to get home. What happens if your home gets overrun? Even if your plan is to stay put, plan an exit strategy to a predetermined safe haven . . . just in case.

Food and Water

Have sufficient supplies of both food and water. “Sufficient” depends upon your location. If you lose power, utilize food on hand that will spoil first. Save the recommended freeze-dried foods for later.

Fill your bathtubs and other containers with water. Do this first. You never know how long city water sources will be available. If you have access to a stream, river, lake, or swimming pool, make sure you have adequate filtration equipment.

Ration your food, and be disciplined from day one. Above all, do not panic and NEVER communicate about your food supplies to anyone. Operational security is paramount to your survival. The last thing you want is to make your location a target.

Shelter, Heat, and Power

Wherever you are, step one is to limit access. Board up all first floor windows and reinforce doorways. There are simple ways to do this without a major renovation. Place lookouts on the second floor to ensure these areas are not breached.

Have a supply of firewood if you have a fireplace, or space saver heaters in the event that you don’t. Acquire a gas-powered generator to be used only to power essentials, and locate it on a secure balcony with an adequate supply of fuel.

This is all about prior planning, dress rehearsals, and trial and error from these practice rounds.

When I was asked to contribute to this Ultimate Obama Survival Guide I was at first hesitant, as I didn’t want to be perceived as a nut job, but after talking to Wayne and really understanding where we are as a nation, I felt compelled to offer a brief overview of my definition of “survival.” Pray to God you never need it.

My intent here is simply to open your eyes, give you a brief overview, and let you determine how much or how little you will be prepared.

Let me end by pointing out America is at a crossroads. Our government has become a spending addict. When elected, President Obama turned on the spending faucet like no president before him. What have we gotten for it? Absolutely nothing! Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged is a work of fiction quickly becoming reality.

Who is John Galt? Wayne, is it you? I hope so.

People, it is time to start preparing, or get in line with the rest of the sheep.

Survival resources:


• http://us.glock.com/

• http://www.mossberg.com/

• http://xcr.robarm.com/


• http://www.preparewise.com/

• http://www.wisefoodsupply.com/ 


• http://www.tacticalintelligence.net/blog/top-10-mostinfluential-survival-and-preparedness-blogs.htm


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